Work in Process – Dragon mistress

I planned on working on the Project Page, but this forgotten picture came in my sight. It was a price for the winning number, a couple years ago. The whole thing was handmade and the details came out out perfectly (you can’t see it on the crappy picture). And I’d learned a few new tricks, ex. salt technique (I’ll show it some other time).

It was so fun making it. I got this new kind of  paper from a friend, so what the heck it was big enough to use it for traditional drawing. And oh my! I have never experience how paper can make a difference. De watercolors blend so smooth and doesn’t even bleed. I felt like working digital. The markers on the paper so evenly, it was like working on the special marker paper. Till now, it was either one: watercolors  blend beautiful, but the makers left ugly stripes OR markers were bright and vivid, but watercolor spread on a ugly strange way. I don’t the brand, my friend neither. Got to go to the local art shop for more details.

I still really like it very much.  To the person who won it: Enjoy it for the rest of your life T__T!

Luckily,  I have saved the line art 😉 so I could color it again. Since I am lining now digitally, my heart ache a little when I saw the file. The line art was incredible pixelated, which remind me, the whole line art was made with the mechanical pencil…

Anyhow, Sai is great, so hopefully some watercolor effect can be created in one way or the other.

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