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Ryo realism

Last night Appeltjegroen was livestreaming and I joint her. Drawing together is no doubt more fun. I was looking in my old folder with The Gift stuff and found a semi-realism illustration of Ryo, was drawn four years ago (!). Semi realism back wasn’t my piece of cake, no matter how hard I tried. Today I retouch it, because something still was bugging me. It is still not perfect and the background need to be separated. No references were used, so please don’t mind the anatomy. I’ll got back to it later, but for now it’s good enough.

(click on the image for a bigger version)

Update Project: Doujin

The Doujin page is updated with the project where I’m working. I still get over my heart to kill The Gift along with the characters and we are not even talking about a whole bunch of already sketch outĀ  manga pages. So, it’s now on hiatus.

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Wip Behind the Mask

Yes, another work in progress. After doing theĀ  improvement meme, I realize how my art quality went downhill. So promised myself to take more time on a illustration, heck even on illustration itself, this year will be a productive year.

I totally adore Painttool Sai and its water colour brushes xD Too bad it can’t handle large fill. (I work on A3 with 300 dpi). It probably be done on the end of this month, together with another one (the last one is time restricted.)

I should post more…

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