Sketch book #3

The previous sketch fenzy dated 3 month ago. I had too much work on my hand. My job was busy as hell, but it calmed now for now. Exams are now on the corner, so I have now a little bit time on my hands between the studies.  I feel like I am really out for some time. My techniques are getting rusty! I promise myself to make at least 1 clean pencil sketch (and know already I would keep it up xD).

My sketches usually goes with no planning. I  really like the stage of the character of this one. Maybe one day I will colour and line this one, but for now, in the WIP folder. I really need to find some time to work at least 6 hours strait like the old days. The stupid thing is that my concentration is like zero nowadays. urgh! Click on the link below to read more.


I wanted to draw a pair. The longer I’m working on the left one, the more it looks like a girl, so I leave it that way. (It should be a guy I tell you. Got problems with it =P ) She has become a sexy angel. I so adore wings. They are so fluffy, beautiful and yet strong.

Just a random girl with big breasts. I was trying some perspective and dynamic poses, nothing more. The more I look at my sketches the more I come to the conclusion that most of the characters have one visible arm and hand. Where is the other one? It’s not that I don’t to hide them… right?

I suck at drawing children. My style just fit for young adult characters (figuring out some more excuses). Anyhow, I tried today…again. The kid in the middle still looks weird, somehow. The lady on the right is the older version. She’s going to grow up to be a very sexy lady. I love how the arm and the butt came out. The one the left is the male version. I just need to watch how big I draw the head. It’s a habit I picked up since the beginning.

The following two are cleaner sketches. Intermezzo: I have three kind of sketches. 1) concept sketches, I rarely use the eraser; 2) More clean skechtecs, see below, I use simple shading. 3) pencil illustrations, with a lot op details and contrast.The last one is something a rarely do these days, but I want to draw these somewhere in the future. I used to make them ❤  …so nostalgically.

This one is a little older. I like her expression and her eyes. Dislike her hand.

I don’t like guys with long hair. Semi long, almost shoulder length, is okay. But guys with long hair in the old Japan is just very hot. Oh and his left eye is a bit out of place.

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