ID DA Highschool

Inma on DeviantArt has started a ID chart with the artist her/himself as a highschooler. Since I don’t have an ID, so why not making one now. I love drawing uniforms, anyways.

I love markers. I love traditional media and love markers so much. For me it’s like CG-ing, but it’s real life stuff. It is kind of hard to explain, but the fact is with traditional is that you have to learn how to cover your mistakes and experiment with new techniques which you’ll take with CG for granted. Not that I think CG-ing is easy; It does have it’s own difficulties, I know. Somehow I’m more happy with my traditional (markers) drawings than with my CG’s. Little mistakes are okay-ish for I know how much effort I’ve put into making it. For example, the head is a tad too big, but the pattern on his blaze makes up for it. It’s the first time that I color something with pattern and haven’t mastered it, yet it feels like I’ve done something good.

When it’s finished, I’ll edit this post.

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