Yami no matsuei – random page

People who know me, know that Yami no Matsuei is one of my favourite story all times. They also know that I hate that Yoko Matsushita left the story on hiatus since 2006 and most likely will stay that way forever. It’s just a shame because there are so many plot left unrevealed. Moreover her art is gorgeous. If she or someone tell me how the rest of the story will go, I’ll happily to  drew it as a  doujinshi. (lol, like that will ever happen.) If anyone know a fanfic about Tsuzuki Asato past (not out of character), please do tell me. I’ll happily make it into a manga. Or if you have a good idea for filling the plot, also please do tell me.

The page above is just a tryout. The left page would probably a insert cover and the right is just random page. Originally, I want to make a continuation of Book of Reficul. If you want to read it, please click here: http://nat-chan.deviantart.com/gallery/#Doujinshi-Book-of-Reficul It already dated 5 years ago. I’m happy to see the improvements. 🙂

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