AnimeCon holding a Dutch Manga Award

Sorry for who made this, I ripped it of from the  Anime 2011 site. I’m so thrilled to hear that the dutch doujinshi finally get some recognition. Ever since doujinshi appeared on conventions, I’ve got the feeling that we were never wanted or perhaps people don’t know about self publishing. Hopefully, the audition will know that there is such thing as we-dutch-people-also-draw-manga-and-publish-pockets-which-called-doujinshi.

For CheeseCake Studio, it’s too bad that we only had one publication in January 2010 (above). (A rule: the first print has to be in 2010). And the last one till now. Yes, more then a year. One other rule is, is that webcomics don’t counts. CheeseCake want to make webcomics! >_< I kind of understand that rule, though. I really hope my doujinshi Imagination will be popular enough to get a print and that there will be more Manga Awards to come.

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