Copic trails

In the past I used other traditional media along side with copic. First, because copic was way expensive to colour thebbase. Second, because it’s much easier to create gradient with, for example, water colours. I was on day wandering weather it is possible to create a traditional art with the same look as it’s done digital. I am fully aware that traditional media has it limits, still I am sure it can be done to some point. The easiest way of digital colouring is cell colouring, how they are done in anime. Using lots of big cel, non comlex, areas. I can’t show you my first try – lost it, sold it, I don’t know anymore – but the picture above is my latest. It’s funny to see how I’m moving from one tool to another. The basic techinque is however the the same. It’s all about blending, and keeping the pigments wet, and layering. The picture about is coloured through a wet on dry method, very suitable for cell colouring. It’s not finished just, because I want to show some colouring during the workshop at anime2011. I also tried copic on my old drawing, but more about that later on.

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