Artist Alley

Browsing and reading through the net, I become really in love with the huge artist alley like Otakon or the AnimeExpo. The fact that creative people are making merchandise in manga/anime style, makes me thrilled. Unfortunately, we don’t have a separated artist alley and a dealersroom. Simple, because it’s useless to separate artists and vendors; Hence, that there aren’t many of them. So anyone is cramped up in the dealersroom. But a bad thing though, since there are few artists; I can speak of experience. Mostly, because the anime/manga audience is not as big like in France, Germany or US. Moreover, the people here are too conservative when it comes to anime/manga. Let alone in art form. But that is some matter to be discussed in another post.

I always wonder why there are no artist tables in the dealersroom. (Perhaps occasional one or two, but that’s it.) We DO have doujinshi circles here. So in contrast in the other country we are like the Comicket, focussing in self publications and storytelling. Though, the comparison of the quality is like day and night. Okay, I might exaggerate.

After doing some research about the artist alley or an artist table, I would like to share with you. But still keep in mind that these stuff only give you a hint on what going on. It’s better keep these in mind and follow you own experience .

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