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Ah a new post! Long time no see. It’s kind of a habit to start a post like this nowadays. I want to draw a lot, but other stuff take some much more time. Yes, time must be made. Yeah. I want to make an artbook and storybook. Still, I can’t for now. I  need keep focus on “Imagination”, because how silly it may sounds, want to start a web comic by the end of this year. Batches must been made. I could also post the drafts as comic pages… On the other hand, not finish things, which are important, sounds again my nature. I am working on pages for “Imagination”. Still having trouble to figuring out the motives of these two in this particular scene. Hopefully, MC can give me some answers.

I like drawing details on clothes and face. Hate drawing background. No manga can go without backgrounds. So I keep doing a least on a page. Hey perhaps I will like to draw them in the future. =)

This one still needs some tone and adjustment in the text flow. The faces aren’t consistent. Need to practice more. Love the second panel. ❤

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