Japan Expo 2012

Got back yesterday at midnight. My boyfriend and I am still tired and got a flu or something. I bought at the expo less than I expected. Most of them were for from Book-off. A huge shop with only Japanese books. I scanned all the artbook shelves. Hey, I was there anyway. ^-^

We arrived at the expo at thursday at five noon. We expected cosplayers outside the expo building. There were no one. Imagine those long lines between the fences. There were more fences in the hangar ( the building in the back). I realized later on, that when visitor left the expo ground, they couldn’t reentering the ground again. That is not what I was used to in the Netherlands. But that explained why there is no one outside.

It was my first time at Japan expo. The expo was impressive and huge! It is almost 100 time the biggest convention here.

I was immense crowed at some area, specially in the goodies area. At some points I got really irritated for the stupidity of some people. You don’t pose for pictures and holding the line. You don’t dance in a group in from of a J-pop/K-pop clip when people needs to get through. There where lots open areas to do those. I was holding my breath not to push them aside.

There were lots of vendors selling bootlegs. I don’t know much about bootleg goodies, but luckily my boyfriend does. He withheld me from bying a fake Totoro plush key chain. When talking about art, I saw some wall scrolls, what was definitely fan art. The vendors definitely didn’t asked for permissions. How did I know? The rest of the stuff were official art. It kinda fall out to have a fan art piece between them. I regret for not taking a picture.

I met some artists I watch on Deviantart. It was totally honored to speak to them ❤ When to Nekozumi and bought her art book. Wanna by an art book of BoryChan but it was sold out.

There were actually two part where the artist were stalled. The young designer exibitions and the Amateur exhibitions. The stand is clearly prettier and more expensive. I bought a fat purse with me for artbooks but saw only few. There were overwhelming lot of illustrations. A3 posters for € 3, postcard sizes for € 1, bookmarks for €0,50. Some of artists have their wall full of A3 posters and on their table cardboard with postcards. They were surely hard to miss. It was impressive to see all the posters together.

Seeing the artist booth, makes me to go there as an artist. To be realistic my art is not ready yet. I won’t go for Japan expo next to as a dealer, but as a visitor. I need to get busy to draw more and promote. ^-^ Aiming for Japan Expo 2014.

The food was a major problem. There were always a long row before you can get something to eat. I didn’t even talk about the prices. Salade (100 gr) for € 6,00. Fanta for € 3,30 a can. Insane. The vendors were rich at the end of the day. Next time, I will bring my own lunch with me.

I made lot of pictures, but will keep it to myself 😛 Most of them were sightseeing photo’s.


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