Preview of a cover and a illustr. for my artbook

I’m exhausted, but it’s finally done! The cover took me more  time than expected.I skipped a couple of hours sleep to make it to the deadline. The day after the deadline, I got mailed with the message with the extended deadline of one week. *facepalm* Oh well, it’s finished now anyway.

Oh the cover is for the program book of a anime convention here in the Netherlands, Abunai. With their tenth anniversary, the theme is The Incredible Journey. (how they grew from a little gathering to a serious convention).  Here is a snapshot of the cover.

I told my friends that I’m making an artbook. They were enthusiastic and want one too. Feeling very warm inside. Thank guy 🙂 I’m unsure whether  people other then my friends will buy my book…

I try to insert a background in my illustrations nowadays. I use a new method of coloring. I draw/color a rough background, a nude character and fit them in a picture. The body is even shade, knowing the clothes will cover it anyway. It’s a little bit more time consuming, but painting this way, the folds and the shades on the clothes will be more accurate. Learning how the body works and where the shades are, instead of hiding the body in a dress. Also, experiment with colors. More important for me is that I can decide her clothes fitting in the environment she is in. I like this method so far ^-^

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