Speedpainting and such of Imagination

Doing some doodle of Kenji. His actual hair is blond, but I was messing with his hair color. I should draw more. The perfectionist in me won’t let me draw something else till an drawing is finished. And then I got bored of the picture. Don’t finished -> don’t start a new one.

How strange it my sounds, when I call it a speedpaint or doodle, it allows me to make a new drawing and leave the one I’m working on at this unfinished state. Perhaps it’s the mindset telling me, ” it’s okay  not to make it perfect, because it doesn’t have to. Speedpaintings should be messy and all and being not finished. Shoo, go make another one.”

I think this messiness is important to go a step forward. Not spending a whole week on a drawing, but rather only a few hours on one, give me a lot of experience. Specially when it comes to coloring. I totally suck at that, don’t worry, still learning though.

Plus i need to work on my story and characters *headdesk. The antagonist is just too sad. Great sorceress, trapped in a ring, by making one fatal mistake. That is falling in love. Later on, she will be betrayed. And then she will take her revenge. Her plot is very simple, but still the driving motive behind the story. I like her character more then Kenji, the lead. I just can’t figure him out >.< He is such a whim, and being hysterical all the time.

Before captured in the ring.


After many many years in the ring. She looks totally like a different person… (lol…)


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