Text editor in Manga Studio 4 EX

So. I’d been absence for awhile. Busy with everything anything art related an not art related. ANYTHING but drawing itself. I was feeling a bit down, since that was my way to ventilate. My private life has calm down a little, so I can pick up my pencil again.

At this moment I am working very hard on my story. I really love to work hours on it, drawing and lining. And often I lost track of time en even forgot bedtime. Ouch, because i have to work the next day. Aside from a little sleepless, I am doing relatively ok.

I am doing my manga digitally, partly though.

I’m getting used to Mangastudio. Again. Even though, it’s a great program to make manga with, it’s still really a pain as much as I could remember. Couldn’t the makers put a little more user friendly interface and more logic places? It would be really helpful!

2013-04-29 20_57_30-Manga Studio EX - [[Imagination.cst] Imagination]

I ‘m fiddle about the Story Editor. Its a function you can edit text of the whole story. So it means you will have an overview of the pages you have set in. I was enthusiast, because it was always annoying to go through the pages and edit the text. I always use the shortcut crl + t out of habit. Sometimes when I’m too fast for my own good, i pressed only the T. And leaves me with an unwanted “t” in the speech balloon or somewhere in the middle of the panel. That’s so typically me… I was so happy that every single letter is displayed in just one window. Mangastudio has an text export function. Soooo, there would me an import as well, riiight? And there it was, my shining button “import a text file”, smile at me. But only to discover it imports the text from a file, but only for a one page dialogue. Just imagine you have 10, no 20 manga pages to add text. You have to import 10 a 20 time a text file. Not to mention that all the text has to be on a separated text file. Such a painnn! Why can’t you import the exported file, and look the same? Why does the import cram all the text on one mangapage. If you know the solution, answer whatever. Just drop me a line. I would love to know <3. So it was kinda let down. Is there a format in the text file what the MS know that the text is actually on page 3 not on page 2? If there is, I would be so happy. Because some one else is writing the dialogues and I would also like to spelling check since English is not my first language.

Do I make sense? lol

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