Anime 2013 – After Match

Animecon is over! I regret for not took even one picture >____<. Still, I had a blast meeting lot of people, but also missed quite a lot people as well. I missed my Cheesecake Studio buddies so much!! *cries Next time, I’ll with them again!

For the opening ceremony, I did the lip sync of the talking Wiffy, short for World Forum (where the convention was located). The eye blinks so cute, the crowed laugh a bit. *proud
The spoken text of Wiffy was brilliant! I’ll post it when is on youtube.

Managing stuff for Mangaschool was hectic and stressful. Erwin, who got all the drawing stuff, was nowhere to be seen. The opening would be in half an hours! He finally arrived at the location. The Hague was maze! We quickly arranged stuff. Everything ended well eventually. The teachers had a relaxed schedule, what I was aiming for. Unfortunately, I didn’t have time to look around. The only free moment was having lunch or dinner. Oh, I went to the dealer room to check on my cheesecake buddies. Most of my time was spend at Mangaschool. Lucky, we were located next to Mangakissa. The Kissa crew was awesome. I love you guys so much!

After a long thought, Mangaschool wasn’t meant for my on long term. I like managing and doing workshops, but love drawing much more. Those can’t be combined at Mangaschool.

Animecon 2013 was the last convention I would be with Mangaschool. Looking back, this decision doesn’t felt wrong to me at all. Actually, I’m kind of relieved. Now, I can spend more time on working on my art to catch up where I left in 2008. Yes, 5 years ago! And try to compete with new and amazing artists who were not around 5 years ago.

There are here, in the Netherlands, so many great artists, who I want to compete with. During Anime convention this last weekend, I was all busy organizing stuff for Mangaschool, so I felt kind of left out… Maybe, when I like my art a little more, I’ll give a drawing workshop again.

The dealer room with 50 dealers was huge!! I got lost so many times. They should put arrows on the floor or something like IKEA. Follow the signs, you’ll get through the whole dealer room. The doujinshi circles who were located in the centre were doing great, but those who were at the outside did poor.

I got some interesting doujinshi and will review them.

doujinhi anime 2013

A Geeks life 3 by Peter van der Toorn. The style is not my cup of tea, it was funny though when he looked up from his drawing, he look so much his comic-self, but a lot cuter :3 Funny as it was, that got me buying his book.

Paperself by Phantom Night. A bundle of artist comic from over the whole world. Phantom Night plan to help novilist to publish their work.

Rose of Glass by Pegasi. I’ve always loved Anna’s work, the artist of the circle. Rose of Glass is a full color comic, so I’m really excting to read it.

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