When cleaning up my blog, I came across a draft about composition. After giving a long thought about it, I post this draft. Maybe someone will find it useful.

Nowadays when I begin to draw, I automatically put the use on composition.

When I was comparing some of my older with the newer drawings, I came to the conclusion that I haven’t improved at all in the last few years. I’ve got the basics sort of under control and my illustrations doesn’t lack ‘emotion’ (or so people are saying). But still after those years I am still doubting myself: Is this the end? Is this all what I can do? I couldn’t believe this is true, so I was looking Googled for anything art related. (it was hard, since i don’t know what i was looking for. Then I stumble on the word composition and wonder how much I knew about this subject.

Composition is actually a orderly arrangement of element. You can have both static and dynamic compositions. When drawing an illustration you will need to have knowledge of this to be able to produce an interesting piece art. Composition is all about shapes, forms and place of those shapes.

Because when the object is placed in the very centre of the image is will be very boring. The most known composition technique to break the idea is the Rule of the Thirds. You in fact split the image horizontally and vertical into three parts. You use the lines to create an interesting image. Let see some examples of how professionals works.


You can see how the character of Hakouki Shinsengumi Kitan is placed on the picture on the right. The artist had clearly the rule in mind. Not only did the placed the character on the one of the line, but she also use the rule on the background. Even though she drew the horizon in the middle of the middle of the picture, she broke that up drawing the three on the left and right on the character. Do you see how the trees are placed? Right, it covers twee third of the upper image.

When I randomly browsing a good example of the usage of the rule, I came across the picture blow. The character is placed in the boring middle, but the artist was not aiming for a good composition of the whole image. He (?) rather want to use the rule for the focus point. Even though the image is of an ero-game character, I must say he did a good job; her boobs just popping out of the image, and the red, surround by the white did help that too. The other line goes for her hips. If you want to something to focus on, the rule is good for that too.


The rule of the Thirds is a good technique to start of to create an interesting drawing, but using only that will make the drawing very static. Another thing is dynamic composition. It uses the element to create the flow in the drawing and results to give you some movement in the illustration. First of, it is not if you chooses to use the Thirds that you can’t use dynamic composition. It is very useful to use them in the same time. So a  lot of planning and thumbnail is required beforehand. of course you can just draw whatever and how you want, but that is not the reason you are reading this right? Okay, continue the theory of the dynamic composition.

[draft post ended here…]

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