Art supply

I’m a happy little girl when it comes to buying art stuff. My mission was simple: buy 0.5 mm blue leads for my mechanical pencil. At location: ‘OMG, they have even green leads!’ Kaj showed me pencils with even more colours!! Why do you, art supply personnel, put things at the top shelves! We, small people, can’t see that high. Let alone being pick by us. Small people. Anyway they had  green, pink!, and yellow, Orange. Oh and purple, which was love at first site. I dropped the yellow.


Never knew that there were other colours than gray, blue en red. So experiment started.

First, Kaj in rainbow colour. (doesn’t look like him).


Colours like a rainbow!

Then a cute girl with a bunny. Let’s call her, say, Jelle. It’s a guys name but a Jelle sat on the same table when I drew her.


I knew it!! Purple is my favourite, next to blue. At first I was afraid drawing will turn out bad, because the rough doesn’t cool at all. But in the end it’s okay.


The colours of the leads tends to be darker than my previous ones. I wonders if it has effects when I playing with channels in photoshop. More about that in my next post.

3 thoughts on “Art supply

  1. illeander says:

    Your drawings are great! The blue and purple shading in the third drawing looks really good. I never knew they made mechanical color pencils. That is awesome. I recently bought a batch of Sharpy paint markers to paint faces on my clay charms. I have to admit that it is a lot easier than using a toothpick,

    • Natalie says:

      I was surprised too! Probably very handy when you need to draw animation by hand xD;
      So that’s how you do it. Those charms so pretty and cute and tiny and lot of good hand coordination.

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