Preparing for Abunai

It’s so hot outside. At work isn’t any cooler. Why don’t we  have a airco here?? So after melting each day after the computer, I don’t feel like doing anything at home other than have a summersleep.

Another thing, why are you broken, you silly printer head? Just when I wanted to make keychains. The printed stopped to print black. The printer at my boyfriends Only prints monochome! >,> And what is wrong with my scanner, wanna line the chibi’s  T_T Technology is failing in this heat.

2013-07-31 22

There ’s lot of stuff needs to be prepared. CheeseCake! Studio will be at Abunai in the end of August. Abunai is a convention in the Netherlands with about 3000 visitors. We have been doing the graphic for them for years. This year as well, in return we’ll get two booths. Yay! I’m already for the convention mood. I would love to see all people again. We are preparing for new look at the stand. Gonna order a banner, printing a few posters, organize the merchandices. We’ve got lot of stuff to do 🙂

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