Abunai 2014 – Review

So, Abunai! was more than a month ago! Time flies when you have none XD. I experienced the conflu for the first time. and it was nasty! I’d never felt so sick after a convention before. My throat hurt like hell and coughing all the time. Night-time is even worse, can’t sleep at all. fortunately, after three weeks is over. oh.. the sleepless nights… i´m so not going to miss you.

Okay, here, I’m going to write a review about the show as a booth artist for people who might be interested in this show as… well, as a vendor. It’s not the best review ever. Please bear with me, as I go on making a series of these reviews. And I almost forgot how it was because it’s like more than a month ago XD

Oh and we did a Having-an-artist-booth-in-the-dealers-room-panel. It was very fun to have it. Everyone was nice and had lots questions. We talked about dpi, preparing for printing, how to sign up for a booth much more questions. It was a good promotion for our studio too.

Dealer/Artist space

We had two table, each 130 cm x 65 cm. With the amount of members we’ve got. all the space was welcome. There were no spaces between to separate the vendors, which is usual business here in the Netherlands. A group of 10 vendors forms an island of dealers and artists. We were lucky to be the only artist/studio on our island. There were a few tugged in a corner island or facing the wall. I heard people were saying and I’ve notices as well. Everyone was aiming for vertikal. Except for a few artist. Guys you should really do something about. With the big posters banner we were hard to find. Imagen when we hadn’t… The room were locked when the after dealers room is closed.


Our neighbours one side has her own boutique and  the other side was selling bento box and snacks and drinks.  The dealers and artists were mixed together. But I think the artist in the corner weren’t evenly spread.

Sales and Attendees

The sales were pretty good! Might be the best convention this year. We did well on selling our debuted art book. And people were actually standing still and inspected our posters. I think we sold a bunch of those because of the banner. Otherwise Friday was slow as expected. Saturday and Sunday we sold more art book and normal books. Some one even bought our whole Doujinshi collection! You, who did, yay on you! The key chains, I made,  did much better than Animecon. Commission went good too. Actually, everything went very smooth. I think, its because we got a big deal of traffic.


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