Tomofair 2014 – review

(I wrote this some time ago, but forgot to upload this post)

We have been to Tomofair last week (Oktober). I must say it was nice for a change to be tabled for one day instead of the whole weekend. Thankfully, it was on a Saturday, so I’ve could rest on the next day. My regular job is so hectic. Now, about Tomofair. Tomofair was organized by the same team a Tomocon, early this year.  Tomofair is like, it says, a fair, nothing more and nothing less. The visitors entrance fee was only 2,50 euro’s. Tomofair even got a  deal pay for one and get two tickets. They probably want to attract more people. The fair was held in a big gym(sport) room (?). On their site was promoted that there would be about 150. In the end, there were only 60. To sum it up, not as big as Animecon or Abunai. So, it was their first year, I wasn’t expected it to be great and all.

Dealer/Artist space
The funny thing is that the booth turned out to be a market stall. Fortunately, I mailed them whether we could use our big poster banner. We couldn’t or we need to bring our own table. The booth is about 2 meter. Nice spacy. Market stalls are great, because we could place our grid with prints and posters to the grid. There is not much space behind there booth like in the other conventions we’d been, but could place our stash next to the booth.

The vendors were places in a double U-form islands. We were located in the inter U in the corner. And the table of our neighbor was somewhat hide away in the corner. When I saw the map for the first time I was skeptical whether it would work out for everyone. In a corner like this the traffic would be terrible low. Fortunately I was proven wrong


Sales and Attendees
Despite being placed at a corner we can generate enough traffic not to have slow moment or incredible busy. Probable due to the fact that there aren’t very much events going on. Visitors were in general interested in everything. We didn’t sold a specific thing especially. Fan art sells of cause better. But we could see only slightly increased sells compared to the other books. We had books, charm, posters, printers and our art book.

The visitors were often who never have been to a convention our a Japanese market.

A mental note to self: Make a bigger commission board. And flyers about our self publishing studio.

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