New project: artbook Evolution of ancient East asia clothing.

I’ve got my internet connection back /^o^/ who0ho0. Finally. The internet provider upgraded the line. More speed for the same price, so they claimed. Since my old modem didn’t work with the new kind of data transport. They send me a new one. No connection. Phoned the provider, they would send me a repairman but after the holidays. Fair enough. After a few day, feeling kind of lost, (I want to he online and lurking sites!) In the main time, I was super productive! Finished a holiday card and a strap and did all the planed preparation for Gamepit con (will write something about it in the next few posts).

Wendy from Fairy Tail. Isn't she adorable?

Wendy from Fairy Tail. Isn’t she adorable?


But to the original subject. I want to make my own art book for a long time. In Every new year resolution there will be a subject: make an art book.

Talk with friends about wanting to make an art book. It needs to be special to keep me motivated. What about the influence of countries on each other in the ancient east Asia. Mainly focussing on Hanbok (Korea), Hanfu (China) and Kimono (Japan). My friends were enthusiastic and so am I. While searching for info, I’ve learned so much about evolution of the clothing styles and also the countries history!

For example, the style of skirt wearing above the chest like Hanbok looks also familiar in the early Han dynasty (China) dress code. Both originated from Mongolian culture (?). I’ve look further in that. I”m so motivated! A good change to draw beautiful dress. I love Hanfu so much. The semi transparent fabric, so dreaming like dress for goddess.

Famous national dress of China is believed Qipao, but personal I think it just well-known recently. Hanfu is dated much longer ago, hundreds of years Before Christ. It stayed  for 4000 years in different forms, before the style was banned (Another country took over).

I don’t how accurate it is, but needs further research!

How adorable!



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