GamepitCon 2015 review

A few weeks ago at Gamepitcon I had my first artist table ever and was so nevoius. Should be, because I’ve done cons couples years now and know the drills. Somehow on my own is different. Anyway, I did do quite well.

Let me tell you something about Gamepitcon. It was organized by a gaming club and the convention was hold in a Church which was meant to hold events. Since it was a convention about games, I should at least have one poster feature a game. I’m unfortunately not much a gamer, but do own and yes played Fire emblem: Awakening. Love the game and decided to make a poster. since i have the speed of the slowest snail as an artist, i managed to do only one.


A new poster since ages!

It was on a Saturday (I love convention on a yesterday. I’ve got rest the next day and check the inventory) we ( me and my husband) left early to go the place to be. We couldn’t find the entrance to park the car and could unload the goods. Fortunately, it wasn’t much what had with me, and we took everything with us and walk the way in. The first thing i notice was how slippery the floor was. It was waxed not long ago so it seems. Gotta walk carefully.


The church. Behind the curtains was the dealersroom where artist booth are also. It looks very fancy and all. (borrowed the picture)


After I decided to go, I messaged Gamepit con on Facebook to get me the information. Everything went through messaging via Facebook. Which was weird in my opinion. But hey, they react in matter of seconds, so that is okay. The last minute info about the build up and tearing down time and the floor plan was also mailed through Facebook. Seriously, is mailing is old fashion nowadays?

Dealer/Artist space

When we arrived, my table was taken byanother dealer. So we called the staff about what’s going on and where our booth while be. They told us that they shuffle some places, because they didn’t took the storage into account during the floor planning. So after awhile waking in circles, the place was pretty small though, they placed us the near tfork and near the entrance of the dealers room. Quite nice location, alright!

I ordered two booth spaces and one table, so I could place my PCV banner. The table was tiny and wobbly, but a simple wooden table. The space  was as small as like the specs described? I dunno, didn’t measure it. Thankfully, the space behind the booth was huge!

It was in a church and the day was cloudy. My husband suggested and went to get few spots to get the booth brightened . It helped a lot and love him so much. Especially in the evening, was it a welcome .

I tried a new setup for my booth, something different from the standard. That’s only one table, but two booth spaces came in. I placed my A3 posters and A4 prints separately. Next to the prints are the charms and panda buttons and charms. I placed the originals and the binder on the table. The table was so small and was filled with these stuff. You know, this setup did helped! People paused and look

Here is the set up of my booth,

Look how dark it already was, Just imagen when there are no spots.

Look how dark it already was, Just imagen when there are no spots.

Sales and Attendees

Gamepit con was held for the first time and was very small. About 500 visitors perhaps? I did well for the first time, but mainly because my husband was pitching for me and there was only one other artist besides me. She wasn’t doing any posters. I’m happy people love my Fire emblem Awakening poster.


I don’t know. If they can maintance the price vs booth space, perhaps I’ll. Otherwise not. It was a good introduction con, but I’m just used to bigger conventions.

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