Yaycon 2015 review

Last Sunday, I attended YaYcon as an artist for the first time. The Artist alley was set in the foyer. It was really funt to between fellow artist and talk about art, making stuff, attending conventions and a lot more. However the foyer was a quiet place for an Artist ally. But got to meet I a few Fire emblem Awakening fans and were fanboy/girling over the game in overall.


Yay con stands for Yaoi and Yuri convention. Personally, I find it a very special con, because they spend a lot of attention for society aspects of being homosexual. It’s a small and cozy conventions with about 600 ish visitors.  I’m so happy today is my day off, because I’m not on doing cons at Sunday. However, it would be quite expensive for having this on a Saturday.

New merchandise were added to my supply, unfortunately not something themed, because there wasn’t enough time for it: 3 new posters and 3 new button set (aka 10 new design). I really worked my ass off in these past weeks! Normally I hardly have finished 1 poster a month but now got 3 posters ready in one month. Skillz leveling up! ^0^

I bought a new button machine to make bigger size buttons and am planning to sell them in sets from now on. First, it looks much nicer to have them themed together. Second, looks more professional. Third, 1 buyer vs 5 buyers, what would you chose.


I love to draw Izumi, female protagonist of my story, because she is so pretty.


Izumi again, with Hayden in the foreground.



went mainly through Facebook, which was nice and fast. lol. We only heard from them again on a few day before the con. We were really worried the other day, then right that evening, I’ve got the instructions in my mailbox.

The convention was so nice even to place my picture on Facebook! Thank you.

Dealer/Artist space

Unfortunately, I don’t have a picture the Artist ally in a whole at the actual day. We got mailed that we are placed in a row like an ally initially, but the lay out changed the last minute, apparently . The visitors could easy pass us by without even noticing we were there. The foyer hadn’t even a board or a notice that it was an artist ally.


Beware of my mad mouse skillz!

(picture below) Proud set up of my not-so-filled booth. lol I really do need to make more stuff. I am so glad I had make a mock up the day before. The boot was approx. 1,2m x 0,8m. I had a early bird price of € 25. Pretty neat for a one day convention in the Netherlands and the amount of victors it has.

I had planned the PVC set (2m)  initially on the table, but the ceiling was too low. Cursing inward and making mental notes, I’m sooo cutting the pipes in smaller pieces, the banner has put behind the booth. I think that to do that people saw my work only till the end of the day, after I’ve put the second row of poster in front of the booth. People were looking on the table and didn’t saw what was behind the table and the booth isn’t that big. Got also the feeling that people are scared/shy to flip through my portfolio.


Aaaand my table was kinda empty, as I said. hahah ^_^;; People are used to look down on tables since everything is vertical sometimes forgot to look up. Stuff vertical is still a must, but I need to put things ON the table as well. One of the thing that will be different is that I’ll take an A4 portfolio. A3 is simply too big. For the next convention, I’m thinking to make one extra buttons set (something with bishies), bookmarks and postcards. This, in two weeks, wish me luck… T_T;;V

Sales and Attendees

Like it said before, it was quiet. But had some nice conversations with Mari and the members of TamaGO! I’ve got out of my table and travel costs, but not the printing of the posters. Yeah, but there were the 3 designs and i was planning for other cons as well. The visitors were nice and complimented art. A few called out at the Chronotrigger and the Fire emblem poster. lol


Change: medium. I like the relaxed atmosphere, and for the next time I shouldn’t be expecting too much of it, sales-wise. I have to see how i will do at the conventions this year and my budget for the next year.

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