2015 overview

2015 has almost come to an end. This year was a lot more hectic than that I expected, because I was very busy with convention stuff through the year. I’ve just read 2014’s overview, and feel like that everything happens ages ago! Time passes by too fast!

First of all, my husband and I finally officially got to live together. It’s so great to be able to be with the one you love every day. It also brings lots of obligations and chores to deal with, but all went well. We didn’t even have a fight lol, and can’t wait to move to our new and bigger house next year!

That aside, we also remodel our current apartment and got a new kitchen, bathroom and toilet, but still need to do the rest. As it looks, the rest will be planned in end 2016 or beginning of 2017.

On the artpart. I was this year a lot more productive than in 2014. The source was being at conventions with myself as an individual artist. LIke predicted, I was so nervous and still will be, standing there all alone behind the artist table. On the other hand, it also feel so great to be an artist from who people bought the stuff and to get compliments. I planned to make new stuff every convention I went.

New stuff I did / introduced:
– acrylic keychains: It was an incredible success at conventions. I only had 5 pieces of 13 designs as on try out and most of the batch was sold out at the first conventions. I didn’t make more, because wanted to make even more designs.
– bookmarks: I always wanted to make these things, but also wanted to make it something different than just an image on an rectangle. I’m still working on those
– Buttons: I already had an 25mm button maker, and this year got 38 mm one. The buttons where a hit. I have mainly fairy tail buttons, and so sold mainly fairy tail buttons. I have still have a lot of other idea’s in mind.
– New posters: I’ve made like 3 new posters. Sounds like not much, but for me to be able to draw 3 detailed full illustrations is a lot. Moreover, I spent lot of time on images for other merchandises.
– Awesome buttonbox: Because I have a lot of buttons these these days, a board won’t fixed the need anymore. So, I bought a little toolbox and added the buttons in front. Customers just open the little boxes and grab the buttons they wanted.
– Packaging: That is so important!

I went to like 8 conventions this year, which 3 of them are aboard. It was so exciting to do convention in other countries. I will do them when I get the change in the future. My time, this year, was spend mostly on work, drawing, preparing for conventions, contacting convention originators, and repeat. Every day, every week. I was so tired! An convention was over, and omg in about 2 weeks there will be another! Oh no, I need to restock and make new art. Not much time! Sleep? Where? Exhausted? Definitely!
I’m not going to do convention season this stressful ever again!!

hmm I also got a lot of draft convention review and need to publish it.

My plans for 2015 where:
• Starting an art book – research what about what/theme and planning the layout.
=> I’ve got some idea’s. Yay! Missions achieved.
• Make a sketchbook (probably for Yaycon?)
=> nope, hahaha, didn’t happen. Mission failed. I’m still planning to make one though.
• Preparing for Japan expo (Paris) in July. Have to starting on expand my inventory.
=> Yep, it did happen. ^^V
• Draw 20 concepts for prints/posters once a month
=> Hahaha serious. No, I only did it in feb and that was the only time I did 20 sketches.

It seems like did got the half of it. On the other hand, my main goal was to draw more and that was accomplished successfully!

My plans for 2016 are:
• Starting an artbook/sketchbook – not necessary to be in a final state
• Focus more on background – already doing it this year, but I want at least 1/3 of my finished illutrations to have backgrounds
• Try new things – I wanted to do e-sumi. Hopefully, I can get time to sit down an just do it.
• Finish a manga short story? maybe?
• Make new bookmarks, ACEO, postcards, posters, prints, buttons, straps, keychaings

Okay! Happy holidays everyone! Let’s see what 2016 brings!!

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