Anime 2015 – review

Look! Another overdue artist convention review post. The convention season is over so I’ve more time on my hands.
My fourth convention of this year, this time with CheeseCake! Studio, was in June at Anime 2015, The Hague. It was one of the two largest anime convention here.
It wasn’t my first time being there. So, I kinda expect that there will be a lot of attendance. This year had our booth in the Event Plaza, a big foyer where the entrance and exit ends up to. Instead of the big packed and crowded dealerroom. I was very anxious how this would turned out for us.

Note: this review is only from my own perspective. By all means, it might different from someone else who had been there or from a different year.



If I must choose a convention with the best method to apply for a table, that would be Anime. Everything goes digital. You’ll get a mail that you can start apply for a table, rigister for an account or sign in with your existing account. and change everything through the account. Every thing was sellted in just a few minuten. Anime con is an first come first served convention for artist.

Maybe its just me, I don’t how it is in other convention where I have not been. There are here still lot of conventionele with anoying paperwork.

New merchandise

I didnt have much new merchandise, because i was still recovering from DoKoMi. The only new was a buttonset of A certain scientific railgun and the chibi bookmarks.


One thing that I’ve learned from Dokomi is, to sell buttons separately, because people like to chose. So borrowed a beautiful black fluwel ring display and pinned our buttons on. In front we have a box with deviders with buttons in so people self pick up the one they want. The buttons did incredible well during the weekend.


And first time making bookmarks with their names cut out by hand from metalic foil. It looks cute and adorable. but is also an incredible lot of work to cut those letters.



Lay out

The tables for these large convention in the Netherlands are pretty expensive, about € 65 a meter. A table (2 m) at Anime 2015 cost us € 130. With amout of the stuff Cheesecake! Studio got, 2 metre wasn’t enough. Because we were in the eventplaza, did little workshops, events and a lecture, we got a extra table in return.




We had one table for merchandises, the other for books and behind the table a pvc stelling with posters. We made one big mistake! We forgot to put up a commissionboard, so no one knew that we do commissions! And we were wondering and wondering about the locations and stuff. Lesson learned.

Good thing that we were placed where we were wat that’s tegenover the exit of the dealers. Visitors who goes out of the dealersroom will see us strait away. It can be argumented that they have already spend  all their money. It also can be said that opvallen is what count. yes visitors have to walk by in able to notice you, but I personally think it wouldn’t help if an artist sit in the room where lot of dealers are crammed in, but with a lot of visitor. You just don’t stand out with only one table again a dealer island of merchandise; with exceptions. Moreover the compitation in the dealerroom is huge. I have some pro’s and cons for having a table in the dealerroom, but save that for another discussion.



We sat right beneath the stairs and next to Mangaschool and had a good time. Thankfully the lighting is good. It was too dark last year. The placed behind the table was very large. We could have done something more with the space, for example making a little expo out of it or something. The major problem with being in the event plaza is that we have to tear everything up in the evening, because the foyer couldn’t be locked. Fortunately, we don’t have too much stuff that can’t be stored. Oh well, we needed to get up a little earlier.

At Mangaschool, there were a few things missing, because they had left things behind the stand.
The hours were from Friday 15.00 to 22.00 and Saterday van 10.00 18.00 en Sunday 10.00 to 15.00. I was so bored in the evening if we didn’t hang out. The content of the events weren’t for me.

The only thing I was that I have time to walk around to socialise other artist.

Sales and Attendees

There were continue flow of visitors and who bought something. We made more than last year in the dealers room, even without commissions. We had more merchandise plus two table to stand out and no competitions nearby in the eventplaza. I was very happy it turned out okay.

There was an amazing cosplay, I just have to take this picture. The little goku is so cute. When they posed, the other visitors also took their picture lol and suddenly a crowd was formed around them. Goku wanted to escape from the  dad, because it all took too long. His father apologize who couldn’t took a photo.

During the convention we saw them a couple of time with goku racing through the hall.



Most positive. The organisation are nice and so are the visitors. But I still don’t like the idea of being crammed with a little booth in the dealers room. If we do get in the dealer room in 2016, we need to think a lot about the set up of our table in able to stand out.








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