Gamepitcon 2016 – review

Because I’m incredible late with the review, here is just a sum up:

(sorry for the bad English ^^; )

  • I could only attend conventions at the beginning of the year, because of circumstances.
  • Gamepitcon was a one day convention on a Saturday in January. It was a small convention with only 811 visitors. I enjoy one day conventions especially when it’s on a Saturday, because it means 1) not rushing with breaking down, and 2) having good rest the next day.
  • A big disadvantage of a convention being in a church is that is getting dark fast in the evening. In the Netherlands, it’ll be dark at 4 or 5 PM. We learned from the last Gamepitcon and had our spots with us. Good thing that the electricity was free. I think that we should keep the spots in our inventory. (You have to pay for electricity at some cons, but that’s another issue)

gamepit 2016 01

  • It was pretty cool of the organizers to give discount for returning dealers.
  • The convention had the policy of having two of each stand with the same kind of products. This means that they only allowed two artists.
  • We didn’t got the floor plan mailed beforehand and the organizers weren’t there to guide the dealers. It was all for ourselves. The name was written on a paper on the table. The dealer room was small, so we found our table pretty fast.
  • There weren’t any chairs when we arrived, so we looked for them.
  • The convention itself was tiny. I think after an hour or so, you saw everything.
  • I heard later that the second floor events were even canceled.
  • There were almost non existing promotion or announcement their Facebook page. (Gamepit only uses Facebook)
  • The floor was not waxed this time, luckily​.
  • The dealer room was behind the main stage and it was noisy the whole day. I saw some people getting fresh air outside and took a break from the noise. Was it this bad? Yes, it was.


  • The dealer room was open from 12 pm tot 7 pm. We were there at half past nine. Never been relaxed like this before during the set up.
  • Despite the closing of the dealer was at seven, some of the dealers were already starting to pack around six. I gathered my stuff at seven, because who know there will be some last-minute buyers. And there were.


  • For the first time we used a photo backdrop. I wanted to get those for a long time, but it was so expensive, but decided to give it a try. It would like a charm! I sold a lot more posters than before.
  • It was extremely hectic at the convention, I was doing nonstop doing commissions. Luckily my helper could do the sales in the meanwhile.
  • A girl browsed through my stuff on the booth and exclaimed that the original was so expensive. I don’t think that she knew it was an original, but the price seems fair to me. After she was gone, I’d put a price tag for prints and posters so people could see the difference.
  • I think I’m going to frame originals from now on. It gave more value to the orignal art.
  • I think the reason why I got a lot of commission was that I’d put my commission folder next to the print/poster folder. People where like: ‘Nice art, oh awesome she also does commissions!’ At some point, the commission folder was taken from the booth, only to get some time to finished the one I already had.
  • We introduced a ‘spinning grid set up (?)’ to attach straps and bookmarks. It saved space on the booth.
  • There were request for Free and Owatari no Seraph, but I only had fairytale and a few straps of Fire emblem. hmmm, need find time to get updated.
  • Hubby came of with a few jokes for bookmarks and those attracted some male visitors. My art/style is more for girls. But I wanted a broader audience.
  • I’d lot of compliments about my art. Some asks what my next conventions are and if I had a shop or if I do workshops.


  • I made my table, travel costs, food and print costs back with extras. So, it was a good con for me, but I think that the main reason was that there wasn’t much competition.

NOTE: 2016 was the last Gamepitcon

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