Genki 2015 – 1th impression



I have a lot of reviews to catch up. Genki is one of them. Previous year was the first time I went there as an artist. Since it’s almost a year ago, hopefully, my memory is not going to fail on me.


Back from Denmark, actually yesterday afternoon, I’m now on my way to work and feel terribly awful, because it’s way too early in the morning.

I’ve a nice weekend at Genki in farum. This is my first time having a booth there.

Thank you all for visiting my table !!

It was interesting to see how dealer room / artist alley was organized.

We went to a few friends place after the weekend, just to chill out. It was nice *-* thank you for having us, Mads!



Check in

* build up time was from 15.00 Friday (?) to 12.00 the next day. Seriously, if you want, you could set up at midnight. We arrived somewhat in the evening, total being wasted from the 8 hours plus car ride. We decided to set up at nine the next day.

Exhibition hall

The exhibition hall was basically a gym hall, divided into a dealer and an artist area. See floor plan and photo’s for the impression. The whole area was quite small.


The blue squares are the artist booths. My booth was P

The tables at the front are where the artists.

2015-08-02 13.36.512015-08-02 13.36.55


* lovely staff and sweet head artist alley asking from time to time how we were doing.

Dealer/Artist space

Still, it was an interesting experience. The artist alley had 18 tables. It was possible to reserve a table beforehand, online, and pay on site 100 DKK (about € 13, exclusive ticket). You have to be very fast to sign up for a table, because it will be sold out in a wink! It was also possible to buy a Sunday ticket and sell the merchandise only on Sunday.

After getting my entry pass, I began to arrange the table to be presentable. No taping on the wall was allowed, never got the memo. Luckily, we had the PVC pipes with us. Dashed to the car and set it up right before the opening.

The table itself was 2 meter and about 1-meter space behind the table. It was a lucky guess to choose to sit against the wall, because the other table didn’t had any back walls. What I also notice it that the artists lay everything flat on the table. It was like the same in the Dutch artist scene a couple years ago, before Cheesecake studio introduce to present the goods vertical.

2015-08-01 08.58.03

I’m happy how my booth with a big banner screaming artist here. I need MORE posters though  x’D

2015-08-01 08.58.11

The table with the merch. It’s a bit crowded.


* long opening hours are long! I think it’s a Danish con thing. The hall was open on Friday from 13.00 till 21.00, Saturday from 10.00 till 22.00, Sunday from 10.00 till 16.00. A few artists just left their booth for a break as it is, without someone to keep an eye on their stuff or covering their merch. I wouldn’t dare to do that at Japan Expo, but it seems to be alright here.


There were lots of young people at the convention. As expected from their age, they don’t have much money to spend. What I didn’t know was a free entry in the Expo hall on Sunday. More other people than anime/manga fans are looking into the hall for curiosity.

Prices and sales

I was still used to the prices at Japan Expo, meaning it’s rather low to be competitive. The prices in Denmark are ‘normal’, a bit higher than in the Netherlands.

A lot of people was asking me for commissions, because I didn’t have a sign taking them. Normally, I rather not doing commissions during the con, because I’m terribly slow. The sales on Saturday was so slow and I was bored, eventually did a few commissions.

So, decided to offer chibi commissions on Saturday. One asked for a chibi Sinon with her rifle. I love the drawing so much (the others chibis too), hate to have to give it away xD, but I know the commissioner would treat her right ^^;;

I never ever expected to have slow sales on Saturday, even Friday was much better. Usually, Saturday was the best day. What I didn’t know was the free entry on Sunday, plus many artist/ dealers were holding discounts. It wasn’t surprised that most people waited a day before purchasing. Sunday was indeed the busiest day.
I’ve got mix feeling doing last day sales. Sales on Friday…maybe. My prices are fine (cheap) as they were xD and didn’t join the ride.


I’ve got lot compliments on my art 🙂 (thank you guys!).


The thing worth to mention is MobilePay. I’ve never heard of it, but it’s frequently used in Denmark. It’s basically an app on a phone, which the cell phone number is coupled with the credit card or bank account. Payment can be made when the sellers phone number is known.

Things I notice/ learned

  • Be super fast when signing up for a table and have online samples of your work ready.
  • My little Pony is a thing in Denmark.
  • Sales on Saturday are slow.
  • The expo hall will be open for public on Sunday.
  • Most artist/dealers are holding a discount on Sunday.
  • Bring something to drink or eat, because of the long hours.
  • MobilePay.


Language is not much of an issue. Danish people speaks English perfectly and are not afraid to use it. In contrary at Japan expo, even though there are more international artists present.


Maybe. I wouldn’t go back to the artist alley for the sales, because it’s just too slow. Other than tagging with someone else along the way, maybe then. The other Danish convention is Jpopcon. It has more visitors, I might try that in the future.

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