Dokomi 2017 – review part 1


I got back from Dokomi, Germany, and had a great weekend. I had a booth in the Artist Alley and believe that it was one of the biggest Artist Alley in Europe with 400+ artists. I went there in 2015 as well, and was held in a big room. Dokomi moved it to the expo halls, because they had four time the amount of applications than booth were available. The Artist Alley of this size was very intimidating! The upside was that no lottery was needed anymore.

The convention was from Saturday 3 to Sunday 4 June. Lucky, was Monday a holiday, like two years back. I felt exhausted, because I was a worry tart and everything needs to go as planned. A rest day after a convention was more than welcome. I hope that Dokomi aimed for that weekend because of the extra day.

I decided to split this post into two parts due to the amount text. Please stay tuned for part 2.



Orders and communication

I booked a booth through their website in the end of November. They offered 1 booth of 1.2 x 0.6 for €75 and two for the double of the price. I really need at least 2 m, so ordered 2 tables. Each table includes 1 tickets and a chair. The price excluded parking ticket, electricity and fireproof table-cloth. Extra ticket was € 35. The exhibitor parking ticket  (€ 45) was in my option not necessary. It was like 5 minutes walk from the visitors parking house and costs € 5 a day. Having a exhibitor parking ticket allow you to park your car a bit closer the the hall, though.

The professional stand was tempting to order, but it was too expensive at this point for me. The prof booth was € 250 for 2 tables of 1.20 x 0.6m and in total of 2×2 m2 of space. It came with a back wall, 2 tickets and 1 chair. Don’t pin me on the chair though, I heard something about not having amount chair thing in the order system. The booth could be expanded and would be double the price.

After conforming the order, I got a mail with a € 5 discount. That was very sweet of them. For artists like us every euro counts. After 3,5 month (mid Feb) the invoice came into my inbox. A month (mid march), I received another mail with time slot of setting up and dismount. They urged to set up on Friday due to fire hazard inspection; the booth must ready at 8.30 on Saturday. In the mail, Dokomi had another surprise for us, the artist. They upgraded the tables to 1.8 x 0.8 and included the fireproof cloth to borrow! I was in panic! How will I ever fill a 3.6 m space?!

And the mail of truth came, the placement. It was sent on mid May, right on time and about two weeks before the convention. The mail includes, thus the floor plan and a logistic permit, only to be used on Friday. I was so happy to get a corner table :3 and was also perplexed how big the artist alley was. I’d counted 408 names, only artists and didn’t included fashion stands and professional stands.

There was a little confusion about the booth numbers and a few friends weren’t on the list or had 1 booth, but ordered two. A few days later, a new mail was sent with corrections and everything was fine again.

I was overly enjoyed by the amount of artists, but also intimidated. Will everything work out with this much competitions? My sold out items won’t arrive in time and I didn’t had time to make new stuff. I was nervous and enthusiastic at the same time.

To continue in part 2.

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3 thoughts on “Dokomi 2017 – review part 1

  1. […] In November DoKomi opened it’s website to order tables. After several friends telling me on Tomofair Nijmegen hat I should go to DoKomi and hearing the stories of Webbelart and Nat-Chan I was itching to get a table there. Previously it was a lottery, there were more than 300+ artiste trying to get a table but they only had room for about 160 artists. This time they had a FCFS (First Come First Serve) and they upped the price. I don’t know the precise difference in price but it got a little bit more steep. I paid €183,03 (excl VAT/Taxes) for 2x tables as a Fan Booth, 2 dealer badges, 2 chairs, fire resistant cloths, a plaace in the convention booklet and a parking ticket. That ticket tho.. it was €45 for 3 day parking, you could place the car close by but knowing now that the visitors paid €5 per day.. Let’s do that next time! Professional booths started at €250, by the way. Read more about that on Nat-Chan’s blog! […]

  2. […] can find part one here. It was about several pre-con stuff, like commutation with the organization, booth prices and con […]

  3. […] keep in account of the sudden double sized growth of the artist alley. (see review about Dokomi 2017). Dokomi promised to optimize the floor plan […]

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