2017 overview

It has been a while since I’ve updated my blog. Life has been very busy. My last post was made in June about Dokomi. Don’t worry, I’ll update with part 2 in one the following blog posts.

First, I want to write a reflection and resolution blog post, because we’re nearing the end year. This is like little tradition for me to end the year with looking back, be grateful, and to be able to look forward. Plus, this tradition dated even back in the days when livejournal was a thing.

2017 was like last year, another year of us being in a rollercoaster. We moved to our new house in January. There where lots of things needed to be done. We didn’t have a kitchen or even a decent floor; we slept on a mattress on the ground. It was really stressful, because I didn’t feel at home. (I got homesick easily). We’d fix a lot. The house not near to be finished, but I guess it never will. The kitchen is finally done, just until just recently. The next big project is the study room. I can’t wait to put my fave poster/prints on the wall.


For convention, it was quite a fun year. Many interesting things have happened and I’ve tabled at conventions that I never have been before. I was only at 5 cons even though wish to have done more, but couldn’t. Most memorial conventions were Dokomi (Germany) and Jpopcon (Denmark).
Dokomi, for me was being part of a huge artist alley and sat between really high skilled artists. It made me feel so inferior, but on the other hand motivated me to improve. It was not financial big convention as I expected to be. It was partly my own fault, because I hadn’t enough time to make new stuff and my order came in too late. Looking how it went, I did quite good selling my old stuff at the convention. It was just that I might have done better if I had planned better or had more time.
Another great convention for me was Jpopcon. I went there once (or twice?) before, but not as an artist. I live quite far from Copenhagen and hesitated to sell there, In the end, I was so glad to be there, because I sold quite well (best of the year) and made a few artist friends too. The people are so nice and speaks so good English!
I’ll be definitely going back to Dokomi and Jpopcon in 2018.

The other cons I did were Dutch Comic Con (DCC), Animecon and Abunai. DCC was quite a relief, because I was afraid of the low sales of another comic con I did earlier. That comic con (Retrocon) was my first comic con and I did not very well, almost cover my table. It’s not just only me who expected more of the sales, I’d heard that most dealers were complaining. Most visitors were just looking around. I was happy to sold an original copic piece, though.

I finally made a debut this year. I’ve dreamed to publish a sketchbook and there it is. I’m so proud at it. I’m already planning for my next book as we speak. It will most likely being an artbook than a sketchbook, but who knows when I gather the material first. I’ll be ready the earliest in autumn, I think.

I’ve got an amazing pre birthday gift from my hubby. He gave me a wacom 22 inch HD cintiq. I was very indecisive to buy one, because my old one worked fine and I was also thinking of mobility and getting a companion. B

ut the cintiq he gave me is awesome! My workspace is huge. I love it. I sold my old trusty 12 inch. Thank you little one, you did a wonderful job in the last few years.


The far most greatest thing that happened this year is that our beautiful baby girl was born! She’s so adorable! The time flies with two little kids. The only quiet moment was when these two were asleep at noon. First, I finished daily chores and if there were still time remaining, then working on art. This went on until my maternity leave was over, and work full-time. I’m going to work on a method where I’ll be still active producing art and having a balanced family/social/work life. Otherwise, next year will be super unproductive. Wish me luck 🙂


About resolutions for 2017, it was actually the same was the year before.
Focus more on background
I haven’t done any big illustrations to apply this. I’ll definitely do this next year, because I’m planning to do some studies.
Try new things
I wanted to do e-sumi like forever. Hubby gave me a brush pen and it was amazing. I love how you can draw leaves and such with just a few brush strokes. I’ll definitely try this next year with washed ink. I’ve so many cool idea’s.
Finish a manga short story? maybe?
I’m terrible with story telling, but it’s still my little dream to be good at it. This year wasn’t much time for it, because I want to focus on illustrations. I’m working on it as we speak, so I will have drawn one next year.
Make new bookmarks, ACEO, postcards, posters, prints, buttons, straps, keychains
Basically, making new merch. I’ve started to make small prints this year, because i wanna sell more illustrations than merchandise. I’ve made
– 3 new prints (pikachu tea, Ciel from black butler, Sakura card capture),
– 5 chibi keychains (saber athuria, gaius, anna, lucina, chrom),
– 1 large print Okami (sold out, but will redo it),
– 1 notepad panda and that’s it.
The notepad was fun to make, and to my surprise it was sold very well sold. There are a couple of designs that I wanna make.
Starting an artbook/sketchbook – not necessary to be in a final state
Yeah it’s finally done! I hope to do another project next year.

So this was 2017, it was a wild year with lot of things happening. Unfortunately, I didn’t had much time to spend on art. I wish to have more structure in my life. Last two years was a really a rollercoaster, I’m tired of it. I really hope that next year won’t be like wild ride anymore. I want to thank everyone who supported us and hope to keep support us next year!




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