Goals 2018

First blog of the year! I’m starting of with the goals as a reminder, so this blog will be short. I think that staying motivated and having time will be my biggest challenges.

My main goal, and super super prio 1 on the list is:
Starting things on time to keep the stress level low and being productive!!!!!
That’s why I’m now into planning and stuff.

My other goals are, and not in chronological order:

Make a lot of new merchandise
I have already a big list of item that I want to draw like forever and know that not everything fits in one year. Even if I can tick one third of the list will be awesome. The merchandise will be both original and fan art. People like fanart, but I like to draw original art more. It’ll be hard doing OC’s. Maybe I also should draw a story about them. I don’t know.

Complete backlog list:

  • 16 Poster,
  • 18 Prints,
  • 44 charms, (also for buttons)
  • 3 notepad
  • 2 buttonset (only available as buttons)

Study (art) a lot.
I’m hitting dead-end with improvements and want to progress so much. Perhaps it’s time to get down to the basics. Another thing I hope to improve is my drawing speed… which is non existing.  Thus, do more studies, figure out how other people draw and practice a lot. As for doodling each day, I’ll leave it as it is, I don’t think it’s beneficiary when it comes to learning. Doodling just for the sake of holding a pencil is not the same as practice and studying. If that makes sense. Doodling is actually excellent way for coming up with ideas, though.

I’m going to make a plan of which subject I wanna to improve (freaking EVERYTHING! lol, oh wait, I can’t) and not randomly. It will mostly be like backgrounds/ environment studies, clothes and folds, and textures. If it could be used for my goal above (more merch), I can hit two birds with one stone.

Study digital medium
I don’t know if study is the right word, but I want to learn to use new programs and to try out different drawing approach. My standard process to make an illustration is so boring: first drawing it on paper, scan it, lining in Sai, do the base color, put the shadows and highlights and that’s basically it. Drawing like this through the years kind of  the same, because sequence is every time no different. I hope to come up with another approach.

Vector programs are aliens to me. I’ve never get the hang of it. But in order to come out of my comfort zone, I’m giving illustrator, or inkscape another try. Hey, maybe I’ll love it in the end.

A program that I want to use but never got the time is Clip Studio Paint. I’ve heard good things about it. Some people say that is hybrid between Photoshop and Painttool Sai. Sai is my number one choice for making illustrations and Clip Studio needs to be a hell of a program to beat it. Clip Studio used to called Manga Studio, which I’d worked with before and already know that Clip Studio is an awesome program to make manga with.

Study traditional medium
I’ve tons of unused art materials that I’m dying try out, but never got the chance to. But this time I’m going to do it; I’m going to make time for it. I want to do some e-sumi work with washed ink. I love how minimalistic it can get, in contrast of my usual work, and resulting some amazing works. Besides of new things, I needs to get back to drawing with water colors and copics again and improve. I also want add more details in my traditional work.

Make new books
I’m always thrilled to make new books. But is road is long and intensive. I want to make a start, and it okay not to have it done this year. It might be a sketchbook  or might be an artbook. I haven’t decided it yet.

New projects
Art related. I’m working out some new ideas for merchandises. I can’t tell you much about it yet. It will be awesome for sure. On an other note, I will be making a one shot manga. Wish me luck, because I so nervous about it.

More blog post
I need to work one my blog backlog. Honestly, I don’t like to write ^^;; hahahahah. Yup, my goal is to write consequently, because it’s so rewarding when finished a blog. Besides, I want to keep track of the progress during the year. Once a month a post is doable, I think.

More active on social (media)
I’m kind miss out on like everything and everyone. I’m so grateful for people understanding. I’m practically lived like a hermit in the last year. I´ll try to post at least once a week on Instagram.

Attending conventions
This actually not a goal, because it bounds to happen, but a matter being accepted or not. The conventions following convention that I´m planning going to:

  • EpicCon (Germany)
  • Jpopcon (Denmark)
  • Dokomi (Germany)
  • Animecon (Netherlands)
  • Abunai (Netherlands)

I also want to do FACTS and DCC and want to try out Japan weekend (Spain Madrid) and Vienna Comic Con and somewhere in the near future Japan expo again.

New set up for conventions
Because, I need more table space! roflmao!

Learning java
So, I can write my own administration program and automate some time consuming inventory updates.

Redesign my blog
Not so important, but it needs to be rampages after having the look years. I might add gallery as well to have all my art at one place.

Wow, this is a huge list. I’ll be so proud if I can strike a few of the list. We’ll see at the end of the year how it will go.

One thought on “Goals 2018

  1. Ah huuuuge list but some are really good points! You go get them!

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