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Pre Dokomi 2018


(Wrote this a few weeks before Dokomi)

I just recovered from Jpopcon and getting into my regular schedule, but Dokomi around the corner, it will be hectic again. Dokomi 2018 will be my third time being there in the artist alley. I’m incredibly looking forward to it. Dokomi 2018 will be huge again, so I split it up into two parts. This part is a bit boring with a lot of text, but might be useful for artist who were interested to go to Dokomi as an artist in the future.

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Dokomi 2017 – review part 2


This is part two of my review on Dokomi 2017 which was hold on 3 to 4 June in Düsseldorf, Germany. I have written this blog last year, but got now time to finalize it.

You can find part one here. It was about several pre-con stuff, like commutation with the organization, booth prices and con preps. This part will going to the con and being at con itself.

We planned to head out at 12 pm on Friday to be there around 3 pm. So, we would have plenty of time in case of traffic jams. As always everything was delayed. We picked up Superkip on our way (Sorry, girl, to make you all nervous ^-^;; ) and arrived at the congress center around 7 pm. We couldn’t find the exhibitors parking place, so after driven all the place we just parked at the nearest place close to hall 14. It was only 5 minutes walk to the hall and only € 5 a day. It was much cheaper than € 45 for an exhibitors parking for the weekend.

We finally arrived at the site at 7, unpacked our stuff and set up the booth. I had such huge booth space and could display any I had. Initially, I planned to have a grid wall for original watercolor paint, but couldn’t finish the artworks. Instead, I put my new Okami poster and other popular posters there. The other posters were hanging behind me on a backdrop, like usual.


My booth at Dokomi 2017.

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J-popcon 2017 – review

Note 1:
I could swear I wrote a review on this convention, but it seems that I’d dream or lost the draft or something.

Note 2:
It seems that I did wrote this blog, but got lost, because the app version of wordpress wasn’t in sync. I found out just now, when I was writing this particular part for third time! I will save everything in Google keep or something to be able to write when traveling and behind my desk. Sorry, that this took so long, even Jpopcon 2018 is over. I’ll promise to post that before Jpopcon 2019. hahaha.

Note 3:
Major part of the blog was written like a year ago.

Without further a do, here it goes:


I tried to search the artist of the banner, but can’t find her (I know it’s a she). If you know who drew this,  please drop me a line.

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