Pre Vienna Comic con 2018

I’m going to Vienna Comic con artist alley!! Fortunately, it isn’t in the same weekend as Dutch comic con. I wanted to to viecc last year, but couldn’t. I’ve applied this year and got in!

Vienna Comic con is a large comic convention with 26.600 visitors in 2017. It was going to be held on the 17th and 18th November 2018. I heard a lot of good stories about the artist alley and having nice coordinators.

I’ve contacted Meika artist alley representative, to add me to the mailing list and got at 22 Feb the mass mail with application form. I’m still surprised that most big cons aren’t using digital forms yet.

Some details:

1 unit costs € 80 excel vat and comes with:

  • 1 table à L120/W70/H72 cm
  • 1 chair “Tosca”
  • listing in the exhibitor catalogue
  • 1 exhibitor pass
  • 1 marketing and service fee

It would could 10% more if you would order after 2 September.

It seemed that Viecc artist alley application was first come first served based.

So what the heck, why not. I send the application a month later and order 2 units. My stuff couldn’t fit on 1.2m anymore and also wanted a helper. An extra ticket would € 52 excl vat.

My application was confirmed at the same day and with the message that they would send newsletter with organizational instructions. And they did alright! I’ve received ten mails before the con started.

12 July – Viecc added back wall to their services and you could order them, the placement of the booth would be made based on if your back neighbor also ordered a back wall. The back wall was € 67 excl vat for one unit and € 86 for two. For me, it was already expensive to fly over, so I skipped, but it was nice that they start offering them.

30 Aug – the artist alley is fully booked with more than 200 artists, also it was still possible order the back wall.

10 Sept – they announced that they would send a link tomorrow, 11 Sept, to login and personality your own page on their website. – I think that was that mentioned marketing, service fee on the bill.

11 Sept – we received the data access to login to our personal account on the website. – if you are going Vienna, please do login if you care about your privacy, cus I checked and showed the address I filled in on the form on the site for public.

19 Sept – reminder to fill the catalogue.

25 Sept – the catalogue is online.

23 Oct – precon info with the floor plan, info about parking, badge pickup, build up and desassemble time, opening and closing time for public and VIPS, and who to contact during the show.

28 Sept – reminder to pay the invoice

31 Oct – reminder that only one chair was order per unit and it was still possible to order extra, but only online.

13 Nov – it was possible to rebook a a booth to the artist alley next year with the same rate, but the deal was only valid till the end of the Viecc 2018.

After receiving the corrected booth placement (ordered 2 units, but got a placement for one), conprepping continues.

The placement is super nice, in front near the entrance.

I started prepping on time. While waiting for orders to arrive, I started doing thing which I could do already, like packing the charms from the previous order and pressing buttons. It was so relaxed, that I had that ominous feeling of forgetting something.

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