Dutch Comiccon 2018 | artist review

With DCC being the last convention of this year, the con season 2019 has ended. It was a blast! Let’s look at how DCC had been. I’ll keep this blog post very short.

Dutch comic con (DCC) is the largest, if not _the_ largest comic con in the Netherlands and is held bi-annually. I’ve been there at the spring edition of 2017 but skipped a few. Even though DCCs the booths are expensive and it’s hard to get in, I still like to test my water at a non anime cons like these.
The table was 1.80 m and expensive 250 euro incl tax. It came with two tickets and we got two chairs instead of one like previous. I mean like why two tickets and only one chair?

DCC was sold out on their Saturday tickets and counted like 30.000 visitors during the weekend. It was something the get hyped about as an artist. Our booths were placed along the main road and lot of traffic was going on.

I was one of the artist at AT-69

Even though there were a lot of people liked my stuff, I’m grateful for that, but complains about the prices. For example, I raised my charms from 5.50 euro to 8 at the beginning of the year, because it was too low compared to the other artists in Europe. Of all the complains I had been this year, 7 or 8 included DCC, no one complained about the products to be too expensive, only at DCC. The other shows that I’ve been in the Netherlands were all anime cons.

Actually, I don’t really care, if they nag about the price, then they don’t like it enough. I would rather sell my art to people who like to appreciate them and care how much time I took to create them.
People were in general talking about the charms and the travel wallet. (they like those the most I guess?)

On the positive side, I’ve learned a lot of what to do to broaden my art and what kind of directions I need to take. I want to draw something more other than my usually shoujo art and still to draw things I like.

Will I return?
The revenue was good, not top, but good enough. To my suprise the Sunday sales where almost I’ve got lot of inspirantions from comic cons, but DCC was too expensive to return at least not for 2019 with the current stuff I’ve got. Perhaps in 2020, when my artbook and comic is done. I’ll probably have more illustrations by then. If you make western fanart of cute generiek stuff, you’ll do good on conventions like DCC.

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