Artist goals 2021

First post of the year! Let’s start it positively with goals for this year!

This is reminder for myself for this year again:
Starting things on time to keep the stress level low and being productive!!!!!

I don’t think the epidemic situation will change much in the first half of the year and don’t think convention will be held until the last half year. Keeping that in mind, I have a lot of time to prepare, but need to be caution not to neglect drawing to much. I’m planning keep strict on my planning in Notion. Also I want to finish a few commissions as soon as possible.

So before talking about numbers for this year, I will go looking at the number of the previous years. (being concrete with goals is a good thing, it will be measurable)

As I look at the number of previous years, planning to make 5 to 6 illustration this year will be realistic. I know that I’ve done 9 last year, but let’s be on the save side. While scrolling through my folder, I’ve found 6 work in progress pieces already… This means I could finished these six and get my quote of the year. That’s not too ambitious right, but I fear my disappointed future self when I say I will finish these six work in progresses by the end of the year. Maybe it’s not good to commit myself to it? Though I’m curious which of them will be really be done. We’ll see.

Posters/prints /illustration69 / 86 / 115 / 14
Buttons107 / 1514 / 2010 / 20
Charms84 / 1516 / 207 / 15
Standee0 / 50 / 2
Wall scroll0 / 21 / 3
Mug0 / 31 / 2
Passport casesn/a6 / 3
Pages for artbookplanningnope0 / 19
Pages for comic booknope5 / 36
Note/memo pad24 / 2
Misc2 / 08 / 06 / 0

Poster/ print / illustration

There are already some illustration which I’m already working on. Mostly fan art though. Summarizing below, it’s only for my own record the review of the end of the year.

  • Fanart – Fire emblem 3 houses group
  • Fanart – Genshin impact – Beidou
  • Fanart – Genshin impact – Klee
  • Fanart – Genshin impact – Lisa
  • Fanart – Okami
  • Original – Reena dress

Buttons/ charms

I want to finish all character of fire emblem 3 houses, but can’t do all of them (18) in one year. Moreover because the charms have totally different front and back design, I need to draw double as much. Let’s us start with team Blue Lion. The art will also being for buttons. Personally, I don’t like to reusing my art, but people were asking if they have on buttons and as a print. The following character are planned. I’ve already started with Ashe:

  • Annette
  • Ingrid
  • Mercedes
  • Ashe
  • Dedue

Other charms that I wanted to draw are from Genshin Impact. For this set, I’ll draw one design for the front and back and change the expression. Just to make it easy for myself ^^;; as Genshin impact character designs have A LOT of gorgeous details. Though it take me long to draw it, but love it nevertheless! As for the buttons, I want to make different art with simple shading, of cause with all the details.

I’m finally going to retire the Fairy tale buttons to make place for new stuff.

  • Zhongli
  • Ningguang
  • Noelle


I need/want to start with a book this year! It will probably be an “Old art vs new art” book or a sketch book. I’ve not decided yet. Which ever the book will be, I’m gonna make a planning and break it down into little tasks. I might not start on drawing yet. So no pressure there.

Note/memo pad

My poor cutter lies in the drawer collecting dust. I used to make stickers with it, but lately start to make custom memo pad. Oh boy, it was so much fun to make them. It’s takes lot of time to compile memo pads , because I (actually the cutter) need to cut every page individually and glue them together. Meanwhile hoping the cutter will behave accordingly. I mean I love the machine, but sometimes it’s difficult to handle it (things won’t cut or cut but not aligned, program not register the machine. Next to memo pad, I plan note pads (A5) for a few for so long. Hopefully get it done by the end of this year:

  • cats
  • stars

Next to memo- and notepad. I’m now also looking into making sticker sheets. It sounds fun. I’m also thinking of making more stationeries. I’ve a few ideas, but need to work it out.


Conventions might be picked up again this year, but I don’t expect them for the first half of the year. At earliest maybe in Autumn? I want to be ready by that time and have at least planned my booth layout and have art and stuff to decorate the booth, like table runners, banners etc. Basically stuff which I’ve been postponing like forever. But this year, I want to kick my butt and actually make time to work on them.

Art skills goals

That’s it for the merchandise creation part 🙂 As for the creative part, I want to improve my anatomy skills, that’s a yearly thing, but also want to be quicker with coming up poses. The latter was always my weakness and time consuming.

I also want to sent more gift art to online art friends and participate draw this in your style or draw random OC from people.

I also want to do more traditional art to get away from digital art and the computer for once a while. I did some art in December an enjoyed it very much.

My main art program on my pc is painttool sai, because I love the brush engine. Blending for water coloring is fantastic. However, I want to switch to clip studio paint at some point this year. It’s lot a lot of feature that I’m missing over time.

These things are secondary stuff. So, I don’t tie myself down on anything:

  • Give me shop a boost, but I need to have more product to update my shop first
  • Give my Instagram a boost (the algorithm is anal though.)
  • Update my blog more, but maybe it will in form of a newsletter.

Let’s end the post here. I hope you all will have a splendid and productive 2021!!

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