Artist goals 2021 achieved?

Whoa! It’s the end of the year already and to be honest is the best part of the year where we can celebrate the holidays and reflecting the year and making resolutions for the next year. Yay for fresh start.

This month I spend some time to look back what I’ve promised myself one year ago and how it reflects during the year. Since my memory is very bad, I’ve a sort of bimonthly journal in Notion and set a task to update it. It works like a charm.

The pandemic is not over yet. Like I’ve predicted, there were much less cases of Covid in the Autumn, so conventions when through. But then our silly government let go of all restrictions and the covid cases went rocket sky high and the convention which would taken place in mid November and December where are postponed. I have to admit that I was super nervous when one of the convention were still in discussion on HOW they still can make it happen, I was really hoping that they just postpone it. Health comes first. Fortunately, we did had two conventions Dokomi and Made in Asia, which were both pretty much amazing.

Like previous year, I’ve made a merchandise to do list. In 2020 I was reorganizing my life and felt I stand still long enough and that that chapter was done, so I was eager to start making things. It went really well at the start the year, but then the biggest bummer happened. I’ve lost all Procreate files. To sum it up, it was 100 hours of work lost. I hadn’t backup it because Procreate can’t connect to Dropbox like it did before. (In the meantime, I figured it how and will post blog about it for people who had the same problem). Nevertheless, in four weeks I caught up with all the work were important and was only 2 weeks behind.

Merchandise goals of 2021

Poster/print/illustrationPlanned: 6Done: 11Goal achieved: Yes!
ButtonsPlanned: 10Done: 19Goal achieved: Yes!
CharmsPlanned: 8Done: 19Goal achieved: Yes!
StandeePlanned: 0Done: 0
Wall scrollsPlanned: 0Done: 0
MugsPlanned: 0Done: 2Extra achievement!
ArtbookPlanned: PlanningDone: NoGoal achieved: No…
Sticker sheetPlanned: 0Done: 3
SketchbookPlanned: 0Done: No
Note/memopadPlanned: 2Done: 3Goal achieved: Yes!

I’m so proud at myself seeing that a lot of the goals where achieved when looking at this list. I really did my best this year. I kept the overview through Notion and it save me.

Goals reflection


At the start of the year I mentioned to work on the six work in progress illustration and in the end I did… none. Looking back I haven’t been focussing on digital illutration and was working traditional media which was very fun to do for a change after looking at the screen for the whole day for my day job. I also was very fed up with digital art after losing a several (almost finised pieces). At some point the watercolor illustrations even became a project on its own. The illustration were very well received at conventions too ^^ Watercoloring project will definitely continu next year, especially when I can use new paint for the skin. The blending on the Kazuha’s skin is smooth and great!

As for the other pieces, I might have lost interest in or I got stuck so don’t know how to work proceed. Don’t know, I might as well as redrawing the those pieces again.

And here are finished illustration of 2021:

Like last year I should add work in progress pictures which I want to work on next year. The problem is that I don’t have any ^^;;


I had planned to do totally different front and back outfit of all fire emblem: Three Houses characters. Due to file lost, I’ve lost the motivation to do so. To be honest, it was a good thing that it happened because financial reasons.

Until now I have reuse the art for charms also buttons, but this year I’ve started to use separate and less detailed art for the buttons. It’s a bit more work for me but the fans are grateful for it ^-^


I manage to do two new designs for mugs for Genshin Impact and don’t want to make it obvious. It worked pretty well.

[picture will be added another time 😉 ]


The planning of the ‘Old vs New’ sketchbook didn’t happened, because I was … too busy/forgot. ^^;;; It was somewhere on the bottom of my to-do list. I was also too busy with drawing for charms for this project.


I made a few memo pads this year and it was super fun to do it. I want to do more designs. The pads are home cut and bound. It’s more work, but I enjoyed the process. I can combine more designs into one pad and also don’t have to order 50 pads of one design. Making custom memo pads is so much fun and worth. I will definitely make more. (will probably make a post of the process).


About stickersheets! I’m now really into to making cute stickersheet and think it’s a nice addintions to my merch. They are themed originals and planned to make more next year.

[picture will be added another time 😉 ]

What I found out this year is that I work best in batches. For example a couple of watercolor illustration, I can plan and work for a few weeks on those till it’s finished. It might that I need to switch illustration or I will get bored. But also I kinda need to switch occasionally, so I can look with a fresh eye. There is always things that needs to be changed.

The artistic goals is moved to the next blog, so this reflection blog is short. YES! I’m thrilled to start 2022!!

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