Artist goals 2022

First post of the year! Let’s start it positively with goals for this year!
This is reminder for myself for this year again:

  • Starting things on time to keep the stress level low and being productive!!!!!
  • Stop procrastinating and get enough sleep

Annoyed with whenever caught myself procrastinating, I want to do this year something about it. I always procrastinate when the task is bothersome. It’s not like the work is overwhelming, because the task are cut down in little bits and often it’s not even hard to do. So, this year I’ll kick my butt get moving.

I did two cons last year and relized that I need to get into it again. For example I forgot to bring all of my charms when we hit the road. Luckily, we were not that far from home. It sounds funny afterwards, but I was in panic ^^;;

As for merchandise planning, 2021 was really a productive year. I feel that this pace is not restraining my day to day life. So, I will try to strive what I’ve done so far.

Posters/prints /illustration1011 / 6 9 / 86 / 115 / 14
Buttons2019 / 107 / 1514 / 2010 / 20
Charms2019 / 84 / 1516 / 207 / 15
Standee40 / 50 / 2
Wall scroll00 / 21 / 3
Mug52 / 00 / 31 / 2
Passport cases0n/a6 / 3
Pages for art book100 / planningnope0 / 19
Pages for comic book20nope5 / 36
Note/memo pad53 / 24 / 2
Sticker sheet3
Misc52 / 08 / 06 / 0

Poster/ print / illustration

I want to do a few full illustrations on a poster format. That means details, mood and background. Drawing full illustration is a huge task. It sounds weird but for me it’s a daunting and overwhelming compared to drawing chibi’s what don’t have to be perfect. I don’t know how to overcome this, but will find a way and let you know on the reflection blog on the end of the year.

  • ‘Fire emblem: Three house’ print set

Make Fire emblem: three houses chibi’s as charms is not feasible. So, they will be made into small prints. I will start with team Blue Lion, like I was planned. This is the process so far:
Done: Dimitri, Felix
Redraw: Mercedes, Annette, Ashe
Planned: Dedue, Ingrid
All image below only screen captures (I lost the original file >,<) and needs to redraw them.

  • Pikachu print set

I’m planning to do make a few Pikachu mini prints, because Pikachu is adorable. Since my bundle price is 3 prints is a set, I need to do two more. This one is already done, but still needs to be finished up (change it into a she and do something about the lighting because (s)he is cutting his/her head ^^;; ).

  • Genshin impact watercolour project

It’s now a project (lol). I’ve just starting with drawing a character with flowers and now there are already 8 portraits. I will make at least one for Xiao and a few of the girls: Baal, Noelle, Ningguang, and Beidou. I really enjoy colouring traditionally now and then. As the project, it will be treated to improve on watercolour painting and drawing/colouring flowers.

Buttons and Charms – catch up with all GI characters as charms and buttons (different design)
Mugs – going to complete the Genshin Impact elementals
Book – finish a sketch book before November. I really hope that I have time in September to participate Sketchember challenge (drawing a sketch everyday). The sketches can be added in the book as well. Comic book – The project of Cheesecake studio. We want to revamping our comic Piece of cake vol 1

Art skills goals

That’s it for the merchandise creation part 🙂 and now on to the skills part

  1. I want to improve my anatomy skills, that’s a yearly thing, but also want to be quicker with coming up poses. The latter was always my weakness and time consuming. I think it’s because my art library is almost blank. So, to fill it I will spend at least one a week on drawing poses from references. At the end of the year, I hope I can be faster with poses.
  2. I also want to sent more gift art to online art friends and participate draw this in your style or draw random OC from people. I remembered how fun it was to draw something else. However also need to watch out not to tarnish the original artist pride when just drawing their OC when not permitting.
  3. I also want to do more traditional art to get away from digital art and the computer for once a while. I want to be better at water colouring. And maybe at some point in the future even doing backgrounds with water colours.
  4. My main art program on my pc is painttool sai, because I love the brush engine. Blending for water colouring is fantastic. I’ve bought a subscription for my Ipad as my birthday present and tried at bit. I want to switch to clip studio paint at some point this year.

These things are secondary stuff. So, I don’t tie myself down on anything:

  • Give me shop a boost, but I need to have more product to update my shop first
  • Give my Instagram a boost (the algorithm is anal though.)
  • Update my blog more and maybe set up a newsletter.

Let’s end the post here. I hope you all will have a splendid and productive 2022!!

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