…the Blog

This Blog was created for not only to show illustrations and comics, but also the route of creating it. Here I can write my thoughts about what is keeping me busy when I’m working my projects and the disappointments or the little victories on the way.  With this I hope to inspire other people to enjoy making art; That’s is the secret art of drawing.

…the Artist

I’m a Dutch artist, mainly focussing on character designs, illustrations and manga storytelling. However I also like to experiment with other media such as at the moment Visual Novels. Currently I am an active member of the doujinshi circle CheeseCake! Studio.

You can contact me through gmail: cy.natalie or use the contact page. I also have a Deviantart account: nat-chan.deviantart.com

Tools of trade


  • Different grades of pencils
  • Black and white ink
  • Watercolours (ecoline)
  • Markers (Copic and Tria)


  • Wacom Intuos 4M
  • Photoshop CS4
  • SAI

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