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What?! Two posts in one day. Yes, it can! Just wanna show you the first glance of Imagination. As I post previously, I do manga manga mainly digitally, but this one is done old fashionly with pen and ink. Showing you more would be great; I will help me to get motivated and finished at least a chapter in a several month.

I’m so slow =_= and totally NOT effective.


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Speedpainting and such of Imagination

Doing some doodle of Kenji. His actual hair is blond, but I was messing with his hair color. I should draw more. The perfectionist in me won’t let me draw something else till an drawing is finished. And then I got bored of the picture. Don’t finished -> don’t start a new one.

How strange it my sounds, when I call it a speedpaint or doodle, it allows me to make a new drawing and leave the one I’m working on at this unfinished state. Perhaps it’s the mindset telling me, ” it’s okay  not to make it perfect, because it doesn’t have to. Speedpaintings should be messy and all and being not finished. Shoo, go make another one.”

I think this messiness is important to go a step forward. Not spending a whole week on a drawing, but rather only a few hours on one, give me a lot of experience. Specially when it comes to coloring. I totally suck at that, don’t worry, still learning though.

Plus i need to work on my story and characters *headdesk. The antagonist is just too sad. Great sorceress, trapped in a ring, by making one fatal mistake. That is falling in love. Later on, she will be betrayed. And then she will take her revenge. Her plot is very simple, but still the driving motive behind the story. I like her character more then Kenji, the lead. I just can’t figure him out >.< He is such a whim, and being hysterical all the time.

Before captured in the ring.


After many many years in the ring. She looks totally like a different person… (lol…)


Next two pages

Ah a new post! Long time no see. It’s kind of a habit to start a post like this nowadays. I want to draw a lot, but other stuff take some much more time. Yes, time must be made. Yeah. I want to make an artbook and storybook. Still, I can’t for now. I  need keep focus on “Imagination”, because how silly it may sounds, want to start a web comic by the end of this year. Batches must been made. I could also post the drafts as comic pages… On the other hand, not finish things, which are important, sounds again my nature. I am working on pages for “Imagination”. Still having trouble to figuring out the motives of these two in this particular scene. Hopefully, MC can give me some answers.

I like drawing details on clothes and face. Hate drawing background. No manga can go without backgrounds. So I keep doing a least on a page. Hey perhaps I will like to draw them in the future. =)

This one still needs some tone and adjustment in the text flow. The faces aren’t consistent. Need to practice more. Love the second panel. ❤

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Imagination: CD the dark lord

Here is the character design for the Dark Lord. I’m aware of his huge long-ass legs. Kinda love those ^^ I blurred the text, because it contains spoilers =P

Imagination continues…

I’m so happy! The ‘editor’ (an acquaintance/friend who is fine tuning this story for me) finally mailed back to me. We discussed how we compiling the intro, and it’s looking good!!! I’ve got the script, but still need to make the first draft. Hopefully, this weekend wouldn’t be so busy, so I can finally put something on paper!

NaNoMango June 2010

I decided to joint NaNoMangO this year to upgrade my rusty manga drawing skills (if I had one in the first place). My last doujinshi/manga dated 2 years (?) ago. I will go for 30 penciled pages of Imagination, the script is done for a major part. I wanted to do it for A little fairytale, but the scripting process is really taking its time. I don’t I’ll make it by June. Imagination it is! If things need to be change after the penciling, so be it. Only what matters is putting the story on paper. I’m so exited and feel that this year is a good year for doujinshi and illustrations. =D