I always have love to tell a story through pictures. After joining CheeseCake! Studio, a doujinshi circle, I had been working since 2005 on a lot of little projects. Those mini projects were really fun to make, but was lacking development on the story and character wise. So, nowadays, I’m working a bigger project which will be my solo debut.

Current doujinsh

Webcomic: coming in spring 2014

Kenji had often bad dreams, fragments of images, since he was very young.  Those dreams worsen when he got older. The nightmares became literly reality when Kenji saw the woman in the dream on broad daylight on the the street, accusing him for murdering her. The strange thing is that Kenji never had met this woman before and no one seems able to see her. Had he gone mad?

Future doujinshi

Jun Kazari has worked as a model for three year. Suddenly, he was asked to debut as a newcomer in a movie with Keno Mori, a famous foreign actor as his co-actor. On the very first moment they have met, they already have a fight. One or the other way Jun has to cooperate with this guy to keep his job. And he has a strange feeling about Keno Mori. (note: Not towards Keno Mori.) Why does Keno seems to know Jun…more than he shows?

Projects on hiatus

Als test voor loyaliteit liet een god een verboden doos door een uitverkoren familie bewaken. In ruil hiervoor kreeg de familie speciale krachten. Ondanks alle waarschuwingen opende een kind onder hen de de doos toch open. De inhoud, demonen en evil spirits, vlogen de wereld in. De god was teleurgesteld en gaf als straf dat de familie in hun leven nooit lang echt gelukkig zou zijn. De vloek zal pas worden opgeheven wanneer ze alle demonen weer gevangen hadden. Deze familie werd demonhunters genoemd. Het kind kreeg een zwaardere straf. Ze moest haar leven keer op keer weer herleven tot dat de verboden doos weer vol zat.


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