After many sleepless nights, I finally have a helping hand to continue my first solo debut: A Little Fairytale. I am aiming it on the end of  THIS year. You will see more entries about this project in the future.

The story is about an young model/actor who is slowly discovering a lost memory. That’s in a nutshell. It’s sounds like a bad drama, right? I believe in no matter how cliche or how overdone a theme is, if you can take the story a different turn, you can still make it enjoyable to read.  I am confident storytelling skills.  With almost 50 pages, the pocket is ready for one fourth.

After teaming up with and editor, I hope he kick me when I am lazy of inspire me for the missing scenes when my mental muse is on vacation. It’s a whole different feeling to work together with a non-writer or non-artist. I can’t go doodle pages and hope it would be story and technique wise be good enough. On the other hand, I am a visualist and, as you may notice, a bad writer.  Scripting is a no go. The only thing to visualize my thoughts are through a storyboard. Seriously, the art is so retarded, but it will help me and my editor with the pacing. It takes a lot more time to make these pages than write a script, but it gives me time to think about the dialogue and actions. What would he say or why is he acting like that. By asking meself these questions an other scene can be created. To my surprise this method helps me a lot constructing a more solid storyline.  (For good or worse, nothing can change me being happy-go-lucky writer.) More characters are better fleshed out and are taking their rolls. I will post some character sheet later on.  *sighs. I still have so much to learn.

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