Tomofair Amsterdam 2019

Tomofair Amsterdam 2019 was held on the first week of the year. I hesitated to participate because it was held right after the holidays and people would have spent their money. I’ve been to Tomofair before but at the Nijmegen edition. Tomofair let vendors pay a large part of the rent of the building and other costs and kept the ticket a slow as possible to get a large number of visitors. They can promote their event being popular and being sold out really fast. Vending at Tomofair is okay-ish because the visitors will mostly have a tight budget and never have been in at an anime convention before. For artists who vent for the first time, Tomofair is definitely recommended because of small scale.

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Dutch Comiccon 2018 | artist review

With DCC being the last convention of this year, the con season 2019 has ended. It was a blast! Let’s look at how DCC had been. I’ll keep this blog post very short.

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Vienna comic con 2018 | artist review

Previously, I wrote about Applying, preparing en communications with the staff, please look here. For tips on travel and my trip to Vienna look here.

We got the time schedule in the mail before hand, and also it was clearly stated (for visitors) at the back of the badges.

I extracted everything i should know from the emails and pasted in the pinned note in Google keep, to avoid looking through the mail. I also added floor plan and such to share with my table helper. It super easy and good overview.

Build up:
Friday 12.00 – 18.00
Saturday 08.00 – 9.15
The mail never mentioned setting up and disassemble on Sunday. For setting up is the same as Saturday I guess.

Opening hours for visitors:
Saturday 10.00 – 19.00
Sunday 10.00 – 17.00

The VIP ticket holders already allowed to access the con floor half an hour prior the official opening hours.

I’ve put the overview of the halls and the close up of the foyer D into one pic.

We got of the subway at Krieau instead of Messse-Prater, because it was near Hall D. The check in went pretty fast, but that is because we were there already at 13.00 and it was super quiet. I was afraid the correction of my table number didn’t got through the administration, but went fine.

VieCC has two halls. The artist alley is placed in Hall D right after e-sport.

This is the artist alley. Left is is the entrance to the artist alley. My booth was located on the first table on the left. As you can see, there were spaces between table, a great plus!

View of the artist alley at the entrance.

We left a part of the set up at home, because it was too heavy. I notice how I kinda missing a part of the table set up. Nonetheless this had to for this weekend and we took our time, but still spend 2,5 hours to set up.

The placement of the booth was very good, the only thing is that I wasn’t able to bring an extra table. If it wasn’t for the charms my table would be very much unnoticed. The problem was that there wasn’t a vertical eye catcher to hold on the attention. With a new set up design for next year, i hope to keep it light to travel and keep the attention flow into account.

Not every booth got the same exposure. For example the row in the end near the window or near/ behind the toilets. Even though, main roads are wide, but the spaces to the other events were quite narrow. (Even one artist sits beside his table, because of his setup, and blocks the already narrow path.

It was my first time selling wall scrolls and I love wall scrolls. It turned out so pretty. People who bought it were impressed of the quality.

There was also a lot of interest in the travel wallet, but the choice of the artwork was very limited. Some suggest fire emblem, but I’m not to keep using too many fan art on product. I already have prints and charms.

There were lot of variety of visitor, cosplayed and not cosplayed. Sunday a lot of small children with their parents. Everyone was actually paying cash and bills. It may went for some artist great, but most artists the Sunday was especially slow. The organization conformed that they had less visitors on Sunday then expected.

The big question, how did the sales go?

In the end I made back for my table, hotel, travel expenses and merch production costs. The especially the travel expenses were high since i had to fly in.

I’ve sold a little bit less of everything. To my surprise, two wall scrolls were sold, so I counted it was a success. About comic con and my art, being aware that my target group is shoujo loving girls and young woman, had a lot of guys who took a long look at my table and decided disappointed not to buy anything, because it was not within their subject. It came clear to me how much I lack for that part of visitors and why I do better at anime con than comic con. It’s probably not the style, but the content. I’m struggling what are comic con visitors do like. If I can to into both direction and also draw still draw what I like, it would be different next year.

I was incredibly productive during my stay in Vienna and finish a sketchbook, something I never did! The last few pages is filled with drafts of new fire emblem and magi charms (at least 12 designs), two new wall scrolls, two acrylic standees and a mug designs. And I’ve also have a couple of other ideas in side my head.

Will I come back next year?

We got the opportunity to get the early bird price if we turn in the form at Sunday. Because having a lovely time, i decided to try this con again and will come back next year. The early bird price, by the way, differs only by 5 euro a table. So year, it was not that much.

Have I told you already about how fast the staff were in communication. No it didn’t got conformation of the application. They thanked the artists for being at Viecc 2018 and apologizing about the placements. The layout will be changed back how it was in 2017. Apparently, it means that the artist alley 2019 will be moved to the direct entranc3e of Hall C. I’m now even more looking forward to next year.

Pre Vienna Comic con 2018

I’m going to Vienna Comic con artist alley!! Fortunately, it isn’t in the same weekend as Dutch comic con. I wanted to to viecc last year, but couldn’t. I’ve applied this year and got in!

Vienna Comic con is a large comic convention with 26.600 visitors in 2017. It was going to be held on the 17th and 18th November 2018. I heard a lot of good stories about the artist alley and having nice coordinators.

I’ve contacted Meika artist alley representative, to add me to the mailing list and got at 22 Feb the mass mail with application form. I’m still surprised that most big cons aren’t using digital forms yet.

Some details:

1 unit costs € 80 excel vat and comes with:

  • 1 table à L120/W70/H72 cm
  • 1 chair “Tosca”
  • listing in the exhibitor catalogue
  • 1 exhibitor pass
  • 1 marketing and service fee

It would could 10% more if you would order after 2 September.

It seemed that Viecc artist alley application was first come first served based.

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On our way to VieCC 2018

I was up in bed at half past five, the alarm went an half hour ago. Urgh it was so early. Why did we booked the plane this early again? It seemed like a good idea at that moment. Yes! We were going to Vienna! After splashing cold onto my face, I was awake again. Because of the overweight luggages we repacked it yesterday. I was so glad to start packing in the weekend wasn’t looking forward to our walk to the train station. There weren’t any tram this early. We just made in time to catch the train without hurrying up too much hurry, also we shouldn’t had walked few minute slower.

I’ve learned a lot about packing luggage for flying to a con. Ditch everything that you think that you might use. In the end you will never use it. Also ditch everything that you can buy over there and isn’t not too expensive. Needless to say, find an alternative for metal parts for table setup. I wanted a have a light weighted setup, but didn’t want have a simple setup. I borrowed the interlocking plastic sheet from a friend (was already looking into a purple set for myself).

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Pre Dokomi 2018


(Wrote this a few weeks before Dokomi)

I just recovered from Jpopcon and getting into my regular schedule, but Dokomi around the corner, it will be hectic again. Dokomi 2018 will be my third time being there in the artist alley. I’m incredibly looking forward to it. Dokomi 2018 will be huge again, so I split it up into two parts. This part is a bit boring with a lot of text, but might be useful for artist who were interested to go to Dokomi as an artist in the future.

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Dokomi 2017 – review part 2


This is part two of my review on Dokomi 2017 which was hold on 3 to 4 June in Düsseldorf, Germany. I have written this blog last year, but got now time to finalize it.

You can find part one here. It was about several pre-con stuff, like commutation with the organization, booth prices and con preps. This part will going to the con and being at con itself.

We planned to head out at 12 pm on Friday to be there around 3 pm. So, we would have plenty of time in case of traffic jams. As always everything was delayed. We picked up Superkip on our way (Sorry, girl, to make you all nervous ^-^;; ) and arrived at the congress center around 7 pm. We couldn’t find the exhibitors parking place, so after driven all the place we just parked at the nearest place close to hall 14. It was only 5 minutes walk to the hall and only € 5 a day. It was much cheaper than € 45 for an exhibitors parking for the weekend.

We finally arrived at the site at 7, unpacked our stuff and set up the booth. I had such huge booth space and could display any I had. Initially, I planned to have a grid wall for original watercolor paint, but couldn’t finish the artworks. Instead, I put my new Okami poster and other popular posters there. The other posters were hanging behind me on a backdrop, like usual.


My booth at Dokomi 2017.

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J-popcon 2017 – review

Note 1:
I could swear I wrote a review on this convention, but it seems that I’d dream or lost the draft or something.

Note 2:
It seems that I did wrote this blog, but got lost, because the app version of wordpress wasn’t in sync. I found out just now, when I was writing this particular part for third time! I will save everything in Google keep or something to be able to write when traveling and behind my desk. Sorry, that this took so long, even Jpopcon 2018 is over. I’ll promise to post that before Jpopcon 2019. hahaha.

Note 3:
Major part of the blog was written like a year ago.

Without further a do, here it goes:


I tried to search the artist of the banner, but can’t find her (I know it’s a she). If you know who drew this,  please drop me a line.

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EpicCon 2018 – Artists review

EpicCon was held on 3th and 4th of February and was my first convention of 2018. So this blog is kinda backblog. I don’t recall how I came across this convention, probably through a friend or something like that. By the way, don’t be confused EpicCon with the Dutch convention Epicon (one c). The latter was organized by a few smart marketing people. It was super hyped, but a total disaster, because they knew nothing about how to organize a convention.

The organizers of EpicCon were Spanish and organized on conventions in Spain before. The first EpicCon was held in Frankfurt, if I’m not mistaken. The location was too big for the amount of visitors, so they moved to another, smaller, venue and now in Munster. A table was small artist stand (1.10m x 1.50m, which means half a table) was 100 euro and a medium stand (2.20m x 1.50m) was 150 euro. I remember that the application was a bit strange. You need to make artwork for them to get these prices. Otherwise it was about 400 euro, is what I’d heard? It was insane. I think that the artwork was for their merch so they can sell it. Dunno, I just did it anyway.
After approving the application, they gave us the option to go for a booth without backing walls. Probably they didn’t had enough. It was 50 euro cheaper, so why not. I have a backdrop to make a “backwall” of my own.

The stand comes with two dealer tickets and four golden tickets. The last ones to give it away to friends and family, but we received the tickets far tos late (30 January, a few days before the convention). We need to pick the dealer tickets up at the information stand on the day of the convention.

I was surprised at the size of the actually table, when we were at the location. It was only 50 cm in depth. According to a friend this was the table size of a standard comic con-ish event. Sjeez, it was just a pick nick table.


Tamtu was there to accompany me, being as my helper and checking out the German con scene.



This was the artist alley. My booth is located behind the first pillar.


The overview of the artist alley, with only 80 booth. Still more artist booth than at a Dutch convention. My table number was AA75.

There was not much to do on EpicCon. This is actually normal for these so called conventions; that’s why I would rather call them expo’s. The amount of visitors where okay-ish. The busiest moment was on Saturday right after the opening. I didn’t got the feeling that I sold a lot more than I used to. I did upped the price of my products a bit. In the end, financially, this convention was almost par to my best con in 2017. Charms and buttons were doing great as aspected. Unfortunately, the prints and posters did far less. Though, I’m working to improve the appealing of them. Other than that, I used the Dutch prices for selling prints and posters. They are a lot higher compared to Germany.

The part of the convention was till Saturday around three o’clock. After that it was a little quite. I’d heard that the sales from other artists were terrible to medicor. I think that I was lucky because of the placement. I don’t know… Sales on Sunday was terrible slow. I just sold something now and than, but was very bored. I won’t came back next time. The convention was totally boring for the visitors, so I’m afraid that they won’t be come back. The organization was pretty okay btw! Nice communication, very friendly and also the head of the artist alley was us during the convention if everything was ok.

The hotel was great. It was like an apartment with it’s own kitchen. A Lidl was just around the corner, the centre was close by. Parking between seven on Saturday and nine on Sunday was only one euro for half an hour. There was even surveillance. It was snowing a little bit on Sunday when we got to our car.

The artwork which I made for them were eventually posted in EpicCons feed after the convention. Which was meh, but didn’t care very much anyway.

Goals 2018

First blog of the year! I’m starting of with the goals as a reminder, so this blog will be short. I think that staying motivated and having time will be my biggest challenges.

My main goal, and super super prio 1 on the list is:
Starting things on time to keep the stress level low and being productive!!!!!
That’s why I’m now into planning and stuff.

My other goals are, and not in chronological order:

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