Anime2011 conreport


It has been almost 2 month since the convention ended. The con was a blast!! It was one of the best so far. I went there with mangaschool, a dutch group who aim to teach people to draw. Yay for free ticket! It was not completely free. I was there to help artists with drawing questions and to a workshop. As you might know my workshop was about coloring with copic. It was really basic, but stayed the whole night up on Thursday to make a perfect powerpoint. The workshop on Saturday went okayish. I was kind of nervous about how people will react. The workshop on Sundays went perfectly smooth. I really should thanks other teacher who assisted me. Kim, for reminding me the part i forgot to tell and help the people who came late. Sarah, who got me something to drink, adapter for my laptop (the battery died during the workshop), especially translate my workshop in English for one of the audience. My English sucks. Erwin, who was the technician/problem solver and being everything else, who the teachers couldn’t be. And of cause Jolein, being to stand in alone when other people of mangaschoolstaff were extremely busy.

I’ve met Adri van Kooten, a well known dutch comicker! It was awesome, though he doesn’t draw manga, I’ve learned a lot from him. He even reviewed my portfolio!

Areal vampire was there too as a model for life drawing class. I failed so miserable, because of manga. xDD

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