Abunai 2015 – review

I don’t think that we had any picture of the stand or convention. What I can say is that in overall we did extreme well. We had two tables and one was dedicated to artists taking commissions. It was a good move to make a big sign. At the end we couldn’t handle it the amount of request that weekend and need to send by mail afterwards. Like usual, I didn’t do any commissions because of my snail speed level.

Okay, on to the review. (I don’t have much to write about, because Abunai is a bit hazy for me.)

Disclaimer, everything in this blog post is according to my own perspective and opinion. This post is to help other artists.


First impression

First thing I remembered from Abunai last year that it was hot. It was always muggy in the dealers room every year, but it was extreme this time. They opened a few hatches at some point so fresh air would float in. I wouldn’t be surprised if someone had fainted.


Not much to say. Abunai is Abunai. We signed in, got in and just a day or two max before the festival we got our table placement. It’s nothing we can do about it, but I wish that we got it to know it earlier and so we make a moke up based on the location.


Location of our booth!

New merchandise

2015-08-25 23.06.47

Sold out the left over acrylic keychains. It’s time for something new!

Dealer/Artist space

It was bizarre small behind the table. The island were smaller. We could barely sit behind the booth and we have a half a meter space for our stuff. In other island across us they have plenty of room. Like at Japan Expo, we divided the tables into selling merchandise and the other part dedicated in commission. It worked splendid!

We have a lot of buttons nowadays, so I did some research and made this monster: A buttonbox!! Room for 60 new designs! Just choose, slide it open and grab the button. It’s all about self service.

I spend 5 freaking evening XD XD on measuring, cutting and everything. Even though, it doesn’t look it would took much time.

Attendance and sales

The sales at Abunai is for me so that the best even tho they have less visitors than animecon. Perhaps the location, people willing to spend money, or there aren’t much to do at the event than spending time in the Dealer room. We sold many of the buttons and needed to restock at the end of the day.


Most definitely! Despite the of space behind the tables, afterall Abunai is the second biggest Dutch convention. The sales were good, the and I got time to spend with my fellow cheesecakers!

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