EpicCon 2018 – Artists review

EpicCon was held on 3th and 4th of February and was my first convention of 2018. So this blog is kinda backblog. I don’t recall how I came across this convention, probably through a friend or something like that. By the way, don’t be confused EpicCon with the Dutch convention Epicon (one c). The latter was organized by a few smart marketing people. It was super hyped, but a total disaster, because they knew nothing about how to organize a convention.

The organizers of EpicCon were Spanish and organized on conventions in Spain before. The first EpicCon was held in Frankfurt, if I’m not mistaken. The location was too big for the amount of visitors, so they moved to another, smaller, venue and now in Munster. A table was small artist stand (1.10m x 1.50m, which means half a table) was 100 euro and a medium stand (2.20m x 1.50m) was 150 euro. I remember that the application was a bit strange. You need to make artwork for them to get these prices. Otherwise it was about 400 euro, is what I’d heard? It was insane. I think that the artwork was for their merch so they can sell it. Dunno, I just did it anyway.
After approving the application, they gave us the option to go for a booth without backing walls. Probably they didn’t had enough. It was 50 euro cheaper, so why not. I have a backdrop to make a “backwall” of my own.

The stand comes with two dealer tickets and four golden tickets. The last ones to give it away to friends and family, but we received the tickets far tos late (30 January, a few days before the convention). We need to pick the dealer tickets up at the information stand on the day of the convention.

I was surprised at the size of the actually table, when we were at the location. It was only 50 cm in depth. According to a friend this was the table size of a standard comic con-ish event. Sjeez, it was just a pick nick table.


Tamtu was there to accompany me, being as my helper and checking out the German con scene.



This was the artist alley. My booth is located behind the first pillar.


The overview of the artist alley, with only 80 booth. Still more artist booth than at a Dutch convention. My table number was AA75.

There was not much to do on EpicCon. This is actually normal for these so called conventions; that’s why I would rather call them expo’s. The amount of visitors where okay-ish. The busiest moment was on Saturday right after the opening. I didn’t got the feeling that I sold a lot more than I used to. I did upped the price of my products a bit. In the end, financially, this convention was almost par to my best con in 2017. Charms and buttons were doing great as aspected. Unfortunately, the prints and posters did far less. Though, I’m working to improve the appealing of them. Other than that, I used the Dutch prices for selling prints and posters. They are a lot higher compared to Germany.

The part of the convention was till Saturday around three o’clock. After that it was a little quite. I’d heard that the sales from other artists were terrible to medicor. I think that I was lucky because of the placement. I don’t know… Sales on Sunday was terrible slow. I just sold something now and than, but was very bored. I won’t came back next time. The convention was totally boring for the visitors, so I’m afraid that they won’t be come back. The organization was pretty okay btw! Nice communication, very friendly and also the head of the artist alley was us during the convention if everything was ok.

The hotel was great. It was like an apartment with it’s own kitchen. A Lidl was just around the corner, the centre was close by. Parking between seven on Saturday and nine on Sunday was only one euro for half an hour. There was even surveillance. It was snowing a little bit on Sunday when we got to our car.

The artwork which I made for them were eventually posted in EpicCons feed after the convention. Which was meh, but didn’t care very much anyway.

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