Animecon 2018 – Artists review

AnimeCon 2019 is already over and this blog about Animecon 2018 is still standing. So, I’m going to finish this post first before doing the one of this year.


Gerelateerde afbeelding

I’m sometimes so tired of myself. It seems like that I’ve deleted the whole blog about AnimeCon 2018. There’s nothing to do about it than write another.

Animecon 2018 was held 15 to 17 of June in The Hague. It’s so close to my home town that I decided not to take hotel so save some costs. Using the public transport still took an hour. It was far easier to go by car, 20 min, but didn’t had that luxury this time.

Animecon is considered the best and biggest Anime convention in this category in the Netherlands organized by volunteers who worked their ass off during their free time. It also considered to be the best convention for cosplayers because of the many prof and amateur contests and has loads of other events during the weekend.

Because Dokomi was only a few weeks before, I don’t need much to prep. It was so great! And the luggage was already packed in the weekend before. No stress, right?? I wasn’t stress prepping for myself but now for our doujinshi circle CheeseCake! Studio. I was like pressing buttons till one o’clock in the morning. Got up at six, took everything very slow because I’m not a morning person and after playing with our two mini potato heads, I ran to the station, but only to wave the train goodbye because I’d missed it. At Holland Spoor where we suppose to meet with friend, I was waiting for an hour, because they were late too. Oh boy! A nice way to start the weekend. The public transport connection to World forum in The Hague was great, because I don’t need to walk a lot from home the dealer room.

Dealer badge for AnimeCon 2018

We were finally arrived at the location and need to check in. I mailed the head of the Dealer room already of the problem with the extra ticket, which we didn’t saw in our account, but was included in the order. Checking in went very smooth, we could just pass the main registration by showing our eticket and reported at the entrance of the dealer room! It wasn’t busy at all. (We were there at one o’clock, though!)

We got our table spot appointed at the main traffic road and was one the best spot in my opinion.

After we found our other part of our stuff in crates (We let it transport ahead, that’s why I needed to pack everything during the weekend before the convention 😉 and set up, it was 5 o clock and the dealer room opened.

This is the booth set up for the weekend. De dealer room is dark, because it has only spots lights, but also my phone make dark pictures… and can’t edit it right now. So in real life, yes it was dark, but no not as dark as this picture ^^;;

I kinda like how it set up this way. Art is visuable from both ways. Though, if I could change something, it would have been the prints. It would be one grid taller and the A3 posters would be swapped into A4 prints, so It could for more different artwork.



























The rest of the week was a blur, but there are few things that I would like to mention:

Before the con, the artist tables were sold out. The artists were placed in the waiting list. I can’t remember if this happen before at AnimeCon, because it was for me a long time ago before I went there, but Cheesecake went there before. It seems that there are always the applications filled quickly for the artist table nowadays, I won’t be surprised. The artist tables where located in the dealer room between the dealers. And the dealer room was too small and cramps anyway. The artists were asked if someone is willing to move from the dealer room to the foyer in front of the room, in exchange for deduction of the table fee.


We supposed to be in area F. Where exactly, that was a surprise. It sucked when we didn’t know how to prepair for set up. The artist alley was at the left site, behind the doors (yellew)


Being the foyer is that you can set your own opening and ending hours, but the foyer is a public space, so you need take your stuff with you at the end of the day. In the end, little to no responded, figures. The artists were determined by lottery. The unlucky artists were of cause not amused. Fortunate, me and cheesecake were not among them.

I always find that the floorplan that Anime send us through mail is not helpful, cause what we want to know where we will sit and prepare our table set up. At least we were not placed in the corner of the room. In the end we did got a good spot, but it could be worse, though.

The artist who placed in the corner of the room are not lucky too. The dealer room it self was not very lit except in the middle. I’ve got some fairy lights and spots so lent them to a few artist friends. I also heard that a dealer didn’t show up and the artist in the foyer where not allowed to relocate.

These stuffs were not easily dealed with by the new coordinator of the dealer room. I can image that these things are hard for the first year, but don’t know, though…

As for me, the weekend was a blast and the sales were awesome! Up until now my sales at Animecon were mediocre, because that is a lot of big events happening. I think this is thanks to be having more merch and having a better location. The location was at a cross point where lot of people passing by.

Am I going next year again? Yes, of couse, this a big convention and a local one too.

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