Yesterday, I made a test run on misty key chains! It was my first laminated key chain ever. Don’t laugh, because I’m enthusiast about it. ^_^;; I know my oversees Indy artists making it like prints or buttons. Hey! I live here in the Netherlands and artwork don’t sell like hot cakes. Anyway, reading a kind of blog, DA journals, and what ever is on the internet, I want hold a laminated key chain in my very hand. Customers are very picky. Especially the Dutch costumers. Holding it and ask myself, would I buy this myself? I would say: Yes! On condition that the art, print quality and the finishing off is good. Most important, the art is cute. The cuter the art, the more people will like it ( I think ^_^;; )


I made five of them, but gave two away. ^_^

I’m waiting for my spring rings to make real key chains. (Despite, calling them key chain, those are still charms. Okay… same difference.. >_> )

Oh packages! Presentation is very important. It upgrades the goods soooo much. The Misty on the middle in a TCG protecting sleeve. With a nice label on the top it looks like good from a shop. The pink label is just a place holder, need to design one for my circle, though.

I thinking of making a bunch of different designs, probably from popular shows like Rozen Maiden, Uta no Prince, Madoka and Fate stay/night. I’m thinking it would be cool to draw the main cast as a set. Don’t know if I will follow the idea, just thinking out loud. And also, designs that isn’t based on a show. Hmm, like the Chinese zodiac, western zodiac, elements, or a series of cute random something. Four each… Three sealed and one as a show model. People like to hold and feel the real thing before buying it.


Top left to bottom right: Random expression chibi (yea, kinda a series of those, just so much fun xD), Shinku (Rozen maiden), Rina (Mermaid Melody and in Sango outfit) Random expression chibi , Idol master (don’t think it will pass) and Kuroneko (Oremoto) and Random expression chibi (OMG I like to draw the over the top expressions)

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