Setting goals

I’ve lots of things that I want to accomplish in 2018. I hope it will be a great year. Before getting into the resolutions, lets talk about settings goals. (artistic, because this an art blog lol).

For artistic goals I thinks it important to step back and don’t set goals that’s unrealistic to achieve within a year. It’s fairly easy to set goals like being a ‘better’ artist, make ‘more time’ to draw, being ‘better’ at drawing anatomy and such. Those goals tend to fail, believe me. They’re too abstract. And really… what is ‘better’ and ‘more’? To achieve goals you have to be concrete and define the goals. Take “more time to draw” as an example. You made ‘more time to draw’ as your goal for the new year. In the end of the year, ask yourself did you had/made more time to draw? Are you content with the ‘more time’ you took to draw? Might be… or not. Mostly… not sure, because you can’t keep track on ‘more’. After some refining, the goal will something be like this: I want to draw at least 10 hours a week. You might draw 5 hours this week or in other week 12. It can varied, that’s okay. If you keep track, you can say in the end that you drew 9 hours a week, but something came up this week or that week and so you couldn’t make it to 10 hours. Yes, 9 it still quite a lot. The next question is, will you be content with 9 hours?

I think that setting goals, making resolution and looking back is all about feeling content at what you have achieved. But what if you drew only average 5 hours a week, so it’s half of what you wanted to do. If you look back, you might have something going on, you were sick a lot or got an arm injury or something. Are you still content with those 5 hours? Probably you will, because it’s still more that the year before. So, make your goals measurable.
The same goes for wanting to be ‘better’ at anatomy. Being better at something involve study and practice. Break the goal down, because atonomy is a broad subject and start with somewhere. Think of things you want to improve. Hands? Feet? Eyes? Start to make plans. How do you get being better at drawing hand? What do you need to get better? It might be, study hands from reference and draw for example 30 hands a month. Slowly moving from reference and to draw from imagination. So, 12 times 30 is a lot of hands a year. You’ll get better at it. Think in tasks to achieve the goals. It’s also makes reaching the goal far easier and manageable. Because you know that you’ll make progress if you finish all the task that’s needed to get you to the goal.

Looking back.
It’s important to look back at what you had done in the past period. Treat yourself when you’ve made progress/success and reflect on what didn’t went well. This is important, because you’ll rise awareness of your own ability, so you can take it in account for planning for the next period.
For example, I want to do make 2 new posters, a print for the next convention. The convention is over three months. Might sounds doable, because it’s one poster/print a month. There are about 30 days in a month, so do your math. But! After a month, I’m still not done with one poster yet. During reflection I realize that I only have time for 5 hours a week to draw. (Sad, but mostly true). To finish a poster I need 30 hours (Sad, but that’s also true; I’m a snail) I either drop a print and make two beautiful posters, or rush the planned illustrations and ending with bad quality. Another option is to sacrifice family time, what I rather not want to do. So, looking back at how it’s going, will open up a few options.
What happened if I didn’t reflect? I’ll think that I have plenty of time and will do it in the last month or something. Then the reality hits hard. I can’t finish even one illustration, because I just need more than one months time and something always come up.
Please save yourself a lot of stress and plan things beforehand.

Sometimes it’s okay to have vague goals in cases where just don’t have a clue. Make it a goal to research and clarify them, so you can take actions. When setting goals, make sure to have a few clear goals, so you can something done.

Even though, I only have experiment with planning like this for a little over one month, I sure have learn a lot and getting much more things done. I have done 2 big illustrations plus 1 small one, and this is my second blog post in one month, I’ve taken action on the project I want to do, rather than thinking about it. To be honest, planning and reflection is also about getting to know yourself. People tents to overestimate themselves. I can write a much longer post about planning and such, but might be overdoing it.

In summary, break it down in little piece, track it, be constantly on to it, reflect, learn from failures, celebrate successes and plan for the next period.

I was suppose to write a blog about my resolution, but this came up and I need to get it out of my system. Sorry for the long wall of text.

So, blog for next week will be about my resolution for the next year.

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